Full Planche (Oct 2019)

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      WEEK 34

      28 May

      Tuck Planche – 7,12,10,7,3 secs (39 total)
      Dying Roach – 3 x 50 secs
      Hollow Body Hold – 2 x 30 secs

      The following day I had a sore back and that’s the second time, so I’m not doing this combination of ab exercises again.

      31 May

      Warm up: Bring Sally Up Push Up Challenge (80 secs)
      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 18,17,14,14,13 secs
      TRX Tucks – 15,15,12
      Bring Sally Up Push Up Challenge (90 secs)

      I wanted to increase shoulder strength so I did a push up hold challenge until I was feeling tired. That’s likely why I didn’t hit 20 secs in my bent arm tucks, I also did the TRX tucks which I want to incorporate more often as I can sense the carryover to both tuck to handstand and the full planche.

      Here are some TRX Tucks:


        WEEK 35

        3 Jun

        Planche Lean Touch – 25cm, 2 x 26cm, 2 x 27cm
        Inverted Rows – 15,11,10
        Hanging Toes to Bar – 4 x 8

        6 Jun

        PPPu – 5,7,5,6,5
        Raised L-Sit 60cm – 14,12,9 secs

        WEEK 36

        8 Jun

        Bring Sally Up – 60 secs
        Advanced Tuck Planche – 3,4,6,7,6,3 secs (29 total)
        Bring Sally Up – 90 secs

        10 Jun

        Planche Lean Touch – 25cm, 2 x 27cm, 2 x 28cm
        A1 Inverted Rows – 17,11,9
        A2 Hanging Toes to Bar – 8,7,6

        13 Jun

        Bring Sally Up – 70 secs
        PPPu – 8,6,7,5,6
        TRX Tucks – 4 x 15

        I had a bit of a breakthrough with advanced tuck, rather than try to lower it I just started from the position and raised off the floor. I now plan to get more of a lean going and slowly work my legs back into a straddle. I’ve also shifted from having my index finger straight ahead to my thumb, so more external rotation of the arms. The planche lean touch is really benefiting me and I have confidence in being able to get close to straddle planche in the next 8 weeks.


          WEEK 37

          15 Jun

          Bring Sally Up – 80 secs
          Advanced Tuck Planche – 4,7,8,6,4,5,5 secs (39 total)
          Bring Sally Up – 90 secs

          Only 1 second longer in my best effort but overall I managed more volume.

          17 Jun

          Planche Lean Touch – 27cm, 2 x 28cm, 1 x 29cm, 1 x 30cm
          A1 Inverted Rows – 20,15,11
          A2 Hanging Toes to Bar – 8,8,8

          I strained the inside of my left elbow/bicep getting that 30cm lean, need to calm down. I was in a bit of a hurry to improve now that I feel like I’m on track, and as a precaution I’ve skipped the PPPu I would have done on the 20th. It’s a very minor injury but knowing how much pressure builds up doing PPPu I’m happy to give my body a little rest from this 3x/week program.

          I plan to try a straddle planche because I don’t think I’m a million miles away from it, for now here’s my slightly longer advanced tuck planche. I look to hold so my knees are in line with hands, because that feels the most natural.


            WEEK 38

            24 Jun

            Straddle Planche Lean – 3 attempts
            Advanced Tuck Planche – 10,8,13,7,7 secs (45 total)

            I had a whole week off due to tightness in my bicep, possibly overexerting myself. I’m not able to hold a straddle for even 1 second but at least I know that.

            27 Jun

            Bring Sally Up – 80 secs
            PPPu – 8,6,8,6,5
            TRX Tucks – 3 x 16

            WEEK 39

            1 Jul

            Advanced Tuck – 8,14,7,11,2 (42 total)
            Rear Leg Lift (Bird Dog style) – 3 x 30 secs

            Nice to get an extra second, I’m feeling good in this position and already looking to progressing. I wanted to make sure I have the strength to hold my leg out in a straddle so I did a single leg version from all fours and that was fine.

            4 Jul

            L-Sit to Straddle – 2,4,3
            Tuck Planche Push up – 4,5,3,3
            Pull ups – 10,8,6
            A1 Sphinx Push ups – 31,20,24
            A2 TRX Tucks – 15,12,10

            A few new exercises after watching more on YouTube. I had been doing L-Sit to tuck and back, the suggestion was to hold a split second in a straddle then recover and I was able to do a few reps. The idea behind that is your body gets familiar with being in that position. Then a tuck planche push up, sold as an alternative to PPPu. You have to keep the torso parallel and I found the first few reps easy then immediately struggled, I was trying not to rush and making sure I locked out at the elbows each time.

            I wanted to add in more general strength because the volume hasn’t been that high, so pull ups came in. Sphinx push ups are for forearm conditioning and tucks were in my program already.

            I still want to get to 20 seconds on the advanced tuck but I’m already incorporating straddle exercises.


              WEEK 40-41

              8 Jul

              DB Front Faises – 15 x 5kg, 12 x 6kg
              DB Front Raise w 3 sec ISO – 8 x 6kg
              Pull ups – 4 x 6
              Banded Front Raise – 20
              EZ Bar Front Raise – 12 x 6kg, 15 x 6kg, 2 x 12 x 8.5kg
              Wrist Roller – 2 mins w 5kg

              I wanted to find a front deltoid exercise that could mimic the planche and after a few failed experiments I settled on the EZ bar. The zigzag bar allows me to turn my hands enough to have inner elbows facing up and a correct distance apart. I plan to load up on that because I want to add some volume back in.

              15 Jul

              Planche Lean Hold – 28cm x 6,9,12,6 secs
              A1 EZ Bar Front Raise – 4 x 12 x 11kg
              A2 Pull ups – 7,7,6,6

              I had laser tattoo removal on the 11th and there’s a few days where my torso is swollen and bandaged, so no exercise. Instead of a brief touch I wanted to accumulate some seconds at a specific lean, which I chose to be 28cm (lean measuring device on my Instagram). Great to bring pull ups back, I watched a YT video where he said full planche required back and not just relentless ab training.

              18 Jul

              Advanced Tuck – 10,11,8,7,7,5,3 secs (51 total)
              Sphinx Push ups – 2 x 20

              I was a little disappointed to not hold longer here. I’m behaving in the kitchen and holding ~2400kcal/day which should bring my weight down. I’ve been a slightly doughy 72.5kg and knowing how much difference dropping to 70kg would make to other body-weight exercises like pull ups I believe it will help me a lot in planche.

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