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      I managed a passable human flag after only 21 days so I wanted more of a challenge. The full planche looks insane and I don’t expect to do it in under 3 months, so luckily there are several progressions before then which I can check off.


      Advanced Frogstand (Crane Pose)
      Tuck Planche
      Advanced Tuck Planche
      Straddle Planche
      Full Planche

      The article recommends being able to hold one move for 30 seconds before moving on, we’ll see how that goes.

      7 Oct

      Plank Lean – 5 x 20 secs
      Frogstand – 10,13,7,6,10,7,25,27 secs (105 total)
      L-Sit – 20,15,15,15 secs

      Plank lean was part of another progression that counts 5 x 20 secs as a pass. Adding in an ab move every day as that’s a weak area of mine.

      9 Oct

      Straddle Plank Lean – 20,20,20,13,16 secs
      Frogstand – 5,5,5,5,30,21,10,5,5,5,5,20 secs (121 total)
      Straddle Sit – 5,5,5,10,8 secs

      The idea behind the frogstand is to accumulate ~150 secs of time under tension. I simply try to balance as long as I can with varying success. I did manage a full 30 seconds on the bars I have, I also alternated to using the floor which my current PB is 21 secs.

      11 Oct

      Handstand lean – 3,2,2,2,2 reps
      Frogstand – 25,10,5,5 secs (45 total)
      Single Leg Front Plank – 3 x 60 secs

      Handstand lean was much harder than I anticipated. You do a handstand against the wall facing towards it with body less than vertical. Then you walk your hands out to a point while walking your feet down the wall, then fix your wrists in place and keep walking the feet a little further down, which forces the shoulders to lean beyond the wrists and put you in a planche. You hold a tough position for 2-4 seconds and go back, which I counted as 1 rep. Shoulders and hands were both knackered after that and my frogstands went to pieces, so I called it a day. Plank was just lifting one foot off the ground and alternating every 10 seconds.

      Here’s my straddle plank lean. It’s a pretty intense move and my biceps feel it.

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      14 Oct

      Straddle Plank Lean – 10,11,14,17,13 secs
      Frog Stand – 4,7,6,7,5,10,15,12,7,15,28,8,5 secs (119 total)
      L-Sit – 5 x 20 secs

      Very scrappy frog stands, switched to the bars to accumulate some longer holds. L-sit strong.

      16 Oct

      Straddle Plank Lean – 20,18,20,18,15 secs
      Frog Stand – 7,7,5,23,14,9,16,20,7,30 secs (136 total)
      Straddle Sit – 5,12,5,5,8,12 secs

      Hard to judge how far my straddle lean should be but it feels right. I was repeating the scrappy holds of the last session until I re-watched the frog stand tutorial from School of Calisthenics and that made all the difference (note the jump from 7,7,5 second holds to 23 secs). Previously my hands were turned out too much, trying to mimic the plank lean, whereas if the fingers face forward then they can provide a force to balance me when I lean forward too much.

      Ended with a 30 second hold from the floor, meaning I can progress to the next variation.

      18 Oct

      Raised Plank Lean – 2 x 4 x 3 sec holds, 11, 14, 14 secs
      Advanced Frog Stand (still in contact with floor) – 9, 6, 15, 12 secs
      Advanced Frog Stand (no support) – 2 x 1 sec (haha)
      Raised Plank Hold – 60,50,50 secs

      I didn’t enjoy the handstand lean so I tried to mimic it by raising my feet and walking them forward for brief holds at end range. I then realised what I’m doing is the next progression after straddle plank lean, and so I did them for single long holds of 10-15 secs.

      The advanced frog stand is a whole different challenge to the normal one and I was struggling. Rather than continue doing < 1 second holds I tried to simplify it by placing my hands ~14 inches from the wall so that if I did go forward my head would rest on the wall for support. I also had a footstool so I didn't have to "pop" off my feet into position and could turn it into a gradual lean. I had to simplify it again by getting to the point where my toes were about to leave the stool and holding it there. The advances frog stand is a serious amount of tension in the arms and was quite a strength challenge for me, and even holding just prior to toes off was something I couldn't hold for long. I read online that some people believe Tuck Planche (the next progression) to be easier or equivalent, so I'm not intimidated about being so many difficulty levels away from full planche. My experience of the human flag has shown me that I can be innovative and find some sort of hold I can do for 10-15 secs that I can make more difficult week on week to always ensure I'm progressing.

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      21 Oct

      Raised Plank Lean – 5 x 20 secs
      Advanced Frogstand with Toes – 15,20,15,15,15 secs
      L-Sit Hold – 20,15,15,15 secs

      23 Oct

      Narrow Pushups – 20
      Raised Plank Lean, Tucked Feet – 3 x 20 secs
      Advanced Frogstand – 4,4,4,4,5,5,9 secs (39 total)
      Hanging Knee Raises – 12,10,10,10

      Minor concern that I’ll lose some strength so I started with some narrow pushups. I stopped after 3 sets of raised lean with tucked feet as it felt roughly the same as the straight body version, so I knew I could complete the final 2 sets. I jumped straight into the advanced frogstand with no support, feeling that I can now build some balance. I failed ‘forward’ mostly, but could quickly shift my legs to catch myself and so the concerns of falling on my head during practice were unfounded.

      25 Oct

      Narrow Pushups – 15
      Supported TRX Tuck Planche – 12,20,12 secs
      Advanced Frogstand – 9,12,17,12,15,19,4,20 secs (108 total)
      TRX Tucks – 9,8,10,11

      I dusted off my TRX bands and tried to hold a tucked position with planche but the stability wasn’t there and the body position looked awful when watching footage back. I abandoned that and went for a frogstand on the parallettes, pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I’d become so soon. I’m quietly confident that I can nail 30 seconds on Monday but otherwise hope to do so within the next week. That would take me onto tuck planche and one step closer to full planche.

      The progression I’m following is Frog Stand, Advanced Frog Stand, Tuck Planche, Advanced Tuck Planche, Straddle Planche and Full Planche. The texts I read suggested being able to hold one for 30 seconds before moving on. Here’s ~20 secs of the Adv Frog Stand.

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      28 Oct

      Narrow Pushups – 15
      Advanced Frog Stand – 13, 12, 26, 23, 30 secs (104 total)
      Supported Tuck Planche – 10 secs, 8 secs
      L-Sit – 20 secs
      Straddle Sit – 15, 18, 10 secs

      Knew I could nail a 30 second hold and got it eventually.

      30 Oct

      Narrow Pushups – 15
      Straddle Plank Lean w Alt Foot Raise – 3 x 20 secs
      Straddle Plank Lean w Alt Knee Tuck – 2 x 20 secs
      Tuck Planche w SL Support – 2 x 20 secs
      Straddle Sit – 4 x 15 secs

      I went through a few of the progressions on my way to a tuck planche, starting with a straddle plank lean and raising one foot for 5 secs then changing feet. Did the same but brought the leg in to a tucked knee. Both of these were easy enough that I felt I needed to focus on something else if I’m going to strengthen my position.

      1 Nov

      Narrow Pushups – 20
      Straddle Plank Lean w Alt Knee Tuck – 20 secs
      Straddle Plank Lean to Tuck Planche – 5,5,4
      Tuck Planche w SL Support – 20 secs
      Tuck Planche – 5,3,4,5,5,5,6,6 secs (39 total)
      Stir The Pot – 4 x 30 secs

      I tried bringing in both knees from the straddle into a tuck and that felt quite nice, and I could only hold for 2 secs so I counted those as “reps” of that motion. I tried tuck planche and can hold 5-6 secs but it doesn’t feel right, and feedback on Insta was that I should try more of an arm lean, which I’ll need anyway to get to a full planche. Finished with stir the pot on a swiss ball.

      Here’s my (brief) tuck planche:

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      4 Nov


      I rested on the Monday. My arms are feeling slightly fatigued and my elbows are a little troublesome. I’ve done 12 sessions in a row and it feels like a good time to recover further.

      6 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 12
      Advanced Frog stand, Floating Knee – 4,3,8,5,6 secs
      Tuck Planche w Toes – 8,18,13,14,16 secs
      Hanging Knee Raise – 11
      Hanging Leg Raise – 8,8,6

      I picked up the pseudo pushup off an Insta comment and I like them, will do more sets in future. I tried what I felt was an intimidating variation, doing the advanced frog stand but only one knee is in contact with the back of the arm, the other “floats” i.e. it’s held in the tuck position. This was harder on one side and highlighted a weakness in my core. Tuck planche was along the same lines as how I learned the advanced frog stand, getting to the balance point and holding it just before I lift the toes. I finished with abs and went for the harder version of straight legs being raised to waist height.

      8 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 14
      Tuck Planche w Toes – 15, 16, 20, 15, 13 secs
      Advanced Frog stand, Floating Knee – 7, 8, 6, 5 secs
      Tuck Planche – 5,5,6,6,7,7,7,7 secs
      V-Sits – 18,18,18,14

      Better structure, starting with what should be 5 x 20 secs of a move. The floating knee was no easier and if anything I felt it would be no tougher than holding both legs, so I switched to the full tuck planche. I did these off mini bars, getting more of a lean than last time. This time my shoulders were giving way and abs were better. Finished with V-Sits for the abs.

      This is far more disjointed than training for the frog stand and so I spent the evening watching YouTube tutorials. I found Artem Morozov who immediately highlighted the difference between a good tuck (higher legs, more angle) and a bad one (basically what I’m doing). Both are technically a tuck, but the good one sets you up much better for full planche. He said that the standard progression model of Tuck –> Adv Tuck –> Straddle –> Full, doesn’t work as they’re essentially different skills, and to focus on posterior pelvic tilt.

      Another video with a pro gymnast spoke of strengthening the core in the extended leg position, otherwise all this time doing tucks isn’t helping because those muscles aren’t getting trained. That’s why I’ve been setting time aside to do abs each session, but I don’t feel many have a good carry over to the full planche. He demo’ed a kind of reverse hyper and that’s something I’ll try to replicate, either bent legged off a gym bench or a work bench I have in the garage. He said planche leans with feet on a swiss ball were good as the ball moves and offers a stability challenge, so lots to think about. Finally I want to copy what I tried for learning the human flag, and prop my feet up with a resistance band to see what a supported full planche might feel like.

      This is my tuck planche off mini bars, I hadn’t watched the tutorial so next time I’ll try to bring the knees higher and Artem seemed to have his shins parallel to the ground. Annoyed I have to wait until Monday to train as this is all exciting stuff to implement.

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      11 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 18, 10
      Raised Planche Lean – 20, 20 secs
      Intense Raised Lean – 12 x 5 secs
      Tuck Planche – 6, 4 secs
      Prone Leg Raise – 6, 6, 5
      Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs

      Bit of a jumble of exercises, still trying to find my feet with this training. I spent ages mulling over what ab exercises deal with my current weakness and the closest I could come to was the hollow body position of hollow rocks. I’ll do them every session until I’m strong enough.

      13 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 15, 10
      Raised Planche Lean – 20,20,20,20,12 secs
      Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs
      Dying Roach – 2 x 40 secs

      Dying roach is another ab exercise, I picked it off an ab circuit video and it’s a killer.

      16 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 13
      Tuck Planche – 5,9,10,10,5,4,4,7,7,3
      Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs
      Dying Roach – 2 x 40 secs

      Here’s the Hollow Rock ab exercise

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      19 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 10, 15
      Tuck Planche – 6,6,6,7,7,7,7,8,5,4 secs (63 total)
      Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs
      Dying Roach – 3 x 40 secs

      20 Nov I had laser tattoo treatment on my stomach, meaning I had 4-5 days where I couldn’t exercise.

      25 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 12, 12
      Tuck Planche – 9,2,2,4,4,6,5,3,3,4,4
      Dips – 15, 18
      DB OHP – 15, 8 x 15kg
      Hanging Knee Raise – 3 x 15

      I did this session at work and it felt crap, after one initial tuck planche I could barely hold any subsequent ones. I added in dips and overhead press to make the session worthwhile, finishing with abs.

      28 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 10
      Raised Planche Lean – 20,20,20,20,17 secs
      Tuck Planche – 8,6,4,4,6,5 secs (33 total)
      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 8,8,20,12,17,13
      Hollow Rock – 47, 33 secs

      Trying to get a routine going so I brought back the raised planche lean for sets of 20 seconds to strengthen my shoulders. Still only holding tuck planche for 4-8 seconds at a time and I’m not very optimistic about increasing that time very quickly. Patience required.

      1 Dec

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 10,10,10,8
      Tuck Planche – 12, 7, 6, 7, 7 secs (39 total)
      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 4 x 20 secs

      I’m training every 3 days to allow full recovery but I still drop off after my first set. I’m also taking 2.5-3 mins between tuck planche attempts as it’s a max effort hold even though duration is short. I feel like I might have to introduce more time under tension to break through this short term plateau.

      Here are the L-Sit tuck holds, I can really feel my abs working so I will stick with these along with several other ab exercises.

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      WEEK 9

      I’m getting grumpy at my lack of visible progress so I want to note down the week. I completed a 30 second advanced frog stand at the start of week 4 and in the same week did sets of 5-6 seconds of tuck planche. I seem to progress at a rate of 1-2 seconds per week which is slow going, and my best hold last week was 12 seconds. I feel like I know the exercises which will take me forward and I need to step back and program them in a more ordered fashion, as right now I’m just deciding which exercise to do once I’ve warmed up.

      4 Dec

      Scap Push ups – 15,15,15,12,12,10,8,8,5 (100 total)
      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 20,20,20,16,17 secs
      Hollow Rock – 35 secs

      My shoulders aren’t as strong as I think they are so I need more volume.

      7 Dec

      Psuedo Planche Pushups – 14, 10
      Raised Planche Lean – 15,15,10,10 secs
      Tuck Planche – 5,3,2 secs (RUFKM!)
      OHP – 6 x 40kg
      Raised Planche Toe Walks – 4 sets
      Planks, opposite arm & leg raised – 4 x 40 secs (10 sec switching)
      Hollow Rock – 45 secs

      Quite a lot to unpick. The raised planche lean I tried to hold a deeper angle meaning I couldn’t last the whole 20 seconds. I then tried tuck planche and was pathetic, which made me realise that while my programming of A) lean variation then B) frog stand variation, only worked because the frog stand is more about balance than raw strength. From now on tuck planche will START my session. I was going to do weights but it didn’t take long to find lots of articles stating that planche is about the muscles working in unison and there are plenty of strong guys who can’t do it, so weights isn’t the way to get there.

      My Raised planche walks were good, I posted them on Insta (see below). Then abs were tough and those will be added into rotation. Overall training every 3 days doesn’t work for me and I’m going to go back to 3x/wk on Mon/Wed/Fri.

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      WEEK 10

      11 Dec

      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,18,29,21 secs
      Tuck Planche – 4,4,10,7,9,9,10,8,9,3,9,7 secs (89 total)

      Having said I’d go back to 3x/week I ended up only training once this week due to socialising and not feeling up for it on the other day I was going to train. I opened with one set of L-Sit tuck hold, mainly to wake up my shoulders and abs. I then did all my tucks before finishing off the ab work. The cue I used was to actively pull the knees to chest and that worked well, also starting with my bum higher in the air so more of a forward lean. Finally, 2.5-3 mins rest instead of 2 mins allowed me to repeat efforts, as previous weeks I opened with a long hold then it got progressively worse.

      The plan is to go slow and steady, adding a few seconds to either total TUT or individual holds until I get there.

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      WEEK 11

      16 Dec

      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,18,20,21 secs
      Tuck Planche – 12,5,9,12,9,8,8,8,6,7,7 secs (91 total)

      21 Dec

      L-Sit – 25,20,20,20,15 secs
      Tuck Planche – 8,7,8,4,6,6,5 secs (44 total)
      Advanced Frog Stand – 15,10,20,10,15,20 secs (90 total)

      WEEK 12

      26 Dec

      Advanced Frog Stand, SL Off – 4 x 10 secs
      Advanced Frog Stand – 4 x 10 secs
      L-Sit – 5 x 20 secs

      28 Dec

      Raised Planche Lean – 10,10,10,10,10,10,8,8 secs
      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 20,20,20,20 secs

      Tried a more aggressive lean so I couldn’t hold any longer than 10 secs. I want to get back to 3x/week for conditioning and then back off once my shoulders have some training effect.

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      WEEK 13


      Unintentionally. I didn’t train near New Year because I was sharing an apartment and didn’t have a good space to set up. Then I flew back to the UK and had a few days of work. In the back of my head I initially had a vision of my YT video title being “Learning to Tuck Planche in __ days” but the number of days is less and less important to me each time I train.

      WEEK 14

      7 Jan

      Raised Planche Lean – 10,10,10,10,10,10,9 secs
      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,22,22,20 secs

      This is my structure from now on. 3 times a week, same exercises each day. I started doubling up my gym days so legs and planche training are an hour or so apart. When I have to go to work it’s tough to squeeze a workout in, so this is easier for me.

      9 Jan

      V-Sits – 15,14,14,11
      Tuck Planche w Toes – 5 x 20 secs

      I took the tuck planche position and dropped my lower legs (note I still try to tuck the thighs into chest) which makes it about 60-80% the intensity of a proper tuck planche. I did this for advanced frogstand and it transferred well.

      11 Jan

      Tuck Planche – 8,8,8,8,6,8 secs (54 total)
      1 Arm 1 Leg Plank – 4 x 40 secs

      Instead of doing a series of max efforts, I tried to stop short of failure to maintain freshness. I misread my timer for the penultimate hold and it just shows what happens when you take 30 secs off my 3 minute rest. The goal is not to annihilate my shoulders and abs, just aiming for stimulus -> response and building up each week.

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      WEEK 15

      15 Jan

      Raised Planche Lean – 7 x 10 secs
      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,19,20,17 secs

      Good session.

      I had another laser tattoo removal treatment on the morning of the 16th which means I couldn’t do anything the rest of the week. Will resume as normal on the 22nd.

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      WEEK 16

      22 Jan

      Tuck Planche Pulses – 5 x 3 reps
      Tuck Planche – 13 secs

      I watched another tutorial video and it had these in, you go from an L-sit tuck hold into a brief tuck planche for a few reps. Anything which gives me more control is a positive thing.

      26 Jan

      Tuck Planche – 8,8,6,7,5 secs (34 total)
      Ab Ripper X – missed about 12 reps across the 13-14 minutes

      I need to up my game with abs and Ab Ripper X (part of the P90X series) is the most brutal and effective ab workout I know. I did it at Uni and after 2 weeks my front plank went from 1 min 30 to 2 min 30 and my front squat went up 10kg because my core could hold the weight.

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      WEEK 17

      29 Jan

      Tuck Planche Pulses- 3,3,5,4,3,3,2 (23 total)

      Nice to do more of these, already felt more controlled.

      1 Feb

      Raised Planche Lean (straddle) – 10,8,6,2,2
      Tuck Planche – 10, 11 secs

      2 Feb

      Ab Ripper X (missed about 12 reps)

      Last week my hip flexors hurt for 5 days and my abs for four. This is just pure hard work to get through it.

      You can’t quite tell how red my face was but this was me busting a gut to hold the complete end range for 1-2 seconds. My elbows were flaring up the day before so I did a longer warm up and more deliberate cool down. I want to start each session with a max effort from now on because I feel like it’s been too long doing a tuck and when I hit 20 seconds I’ll gladly move on. My best is 13 seconds and I want to add 2-3 seconds a week so I can start looking at advanced tuck planche.

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      WEEK 18

      5 Feb

      Scap Pushups – 2 x 10
      PPPu – 8,8,8,6
      Tuck Planche – 9,8,11,8,5 secs (41 total)

      WEEK 19

      11 Feb

      Tuck Planche – 11, 12 secs
      L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,25,20 secs

      15 Feb

      Tuck Planche Pulses – 3,3
      Tuck Planche – 4, 8 secs
      PPPu – 6,8,8,7,5

      I am seething. My progress is so bloody slow and I genuinely don’t know how to structure my training to make incremental gains, which is new territory for me. I still can’t even tell which muscle groups are failing me. I am going to set aside 45-60 mins to reading more material on planche training because right now that’s the best use of my time.

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      WEEK 20

      Reading up was a great use of my time and I found several new ab exercises and also decided that a handstand is worth learning. A lot of people use a handstand as a starting position before descending into a straddle planche and there’s also a seated tuck into handstand transition that looks like it will build the right strength for planche.

      To give my body a break from planche training I will switch to handstand training for a few weeks. The format will be the same as learning frog stand, which is 5 x 20 secs of a strength move followed by balancing practice.

      20 Feb

      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 9,14,15,10,8 secs
      Handstand To Wall – 17,19,23,20 secs
      L-Sit with High Feet (end on foam roller) – 7,8 secs

      To get the tuck handstand press it’s recommended to do a bent arm tuck planche for a stable base to push off. These were tough but taught me that my core is not the limiting factor in my tuck planche because I could hold my legs there easily. A regular L-Sit isn’t a problem so with straight legs I’m looking to hold them up over an object, in this case a ~50cm foam roller. Handstands were against the wall with the intention of pushing my feet off to balance for 2-3 secs, which didn’t really work.

      23 Feb

      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 20,12,15,12,14 secs
      Handstand (aided) – 30,35,13,15 secs
      Free Handstand Practice – 3 mins

      Glad to see the strength from bent arm tucks come through and I hit my first 20 second hold. My wife caught my legs for the handstand but that felt more awkward than using the wall. I tried the standard ‘kick the legs up’ into a handstand hold and while it didn’t last more than 1-2 seconds I feel like that’s the best way to improve. I laid out cushions to soften my fall but the main problem was fatigue from the aided handstands, so next time I’ll jump straight into free handstands.

      Here’s a few sets from the 20th

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      WEEK 21

      25 Feb

      Wrist warm up 3 x 10
      Shoulder warm up
      Free Handstand Practice – 5 mins
      A1 Wall Handstand Flutter kicks – 30,35,25 secs
      A2 Reverse Table Top – 25,30,30 secs
      Handstand Pike Pushups – 5
      Hollow Body Hold – 35,20,30 secs
      Tuck Planche – 12 secs

      This was more structured having looked online for a good routine. It turns out I was on the right path with the wall handstand, so now I bring one leg away from the wall in what would be its correct position, then try to get the second leg to meet it and hold the balance there.

      27 Feb

      Wrist warm up 3 x 10
      Shoulder warm up
      Free Handstand Practice – 5 mins
      A1 Wall Handstand Flutter kicks – 30,30,25 secs
      A2 Reverse Table Top – 3 x 30 secs
      Hollow Body Hold – 30,25,20 secs

      Holding the correct position takes a lot out of me and I only really have three good sets. I do 10-12 attempts during the free practice but since I want to end up going from a tuck into handstand then the ‘kick the legs up’ approach might not be that useful to me.

      I did want a third session this week but I was very busy.

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      WEEK 22

      3 Mar

      Tuck to Press Handstand Practice – 10
      Headstand to Handstand Press – 4
      Wall Handstand Flutter – 15, 20, 5 secs
      Hollow Body Holds – 30,35,30 secs

      8 Mar

      Handstand Pushups – 2,3,3,2
      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 20, 15 secs
      Hollow Body Hold – 3 x 30 secs

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      WEEK 23-26

      10 Mar

      Tuck to Press Handstand Practice – 10
      Headstand to Handstand Press – 5
      Hollow Body – 3 x 30 secs

      13-22 Mar

      I had a fever, trouble breathing, then whole body aches and finally an upset stomach. I didn’t do any calisthenics in that time.

      26 Mar

      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 20,14 secs
      Tuck Planche – 8,5 secs
      Pseudo Planche Push ups – 6,6
      L-Sit High Feet – 18,15 secs

      2 Apr

      Tuck to Press Handstand Practice – 9
      Handstand Press – 6
      Pseudo Planche Pushup – 8,9,6
      L-Sit High Feet – 2 x 15 secs

      I’m comfortable in a bent/straight arm tuck but beyond that it’s new territory. I probably need to work on my handstand balance so that when I do extend into the position I can hold it.

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      WEEK 27

      I’m coming back to Tuck Planche as I really want to nail it for 20 seconds then get into advanced tuck.

      8 Apr

      Tuck Planche – 15, 10 secs
      PPPu – 8,8,6
      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 11 secs

      I did a short session on the living room floor and having had time away from tucks I started off with a personal best of 15 seconds (previous was 13 secs on 22 Jan). I’m confident I have the exercises to improve and I’ll implement them in twice weekly training and work my way to 20 seconds.

      12 Apr

      Tuck Planche – 10,9,10,5,5 secs
      Raised Planche Lean – 20, 16 secs

      I was surprised at how weak I felt when doing these and that it was a real struggle to get to 10 seconds compared to a few days earlier. Typing it up now I realised that I did circuit training with a lot of push ups and some planche lean a few days ago and that must have knackered me. I will look to train either Wed/Sat or Wed/Sun and stick to the 4-5 exercises I feel are most beneficial. I have renewed my patience but I’m expecting to hit 20 seconds by my first session of May.

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      WEEK 28

      16 Apr

      Tuck Planche – 5,5,10,11,12,13,14,13 secs (83 total)

      Focus on pushing the ground away.

      19 Apr

      Planche Lean – 20 secs (warm up)
      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 16,18,15,18,12 secs
      PPPu – 3,4,6
      L-Sit (raised feet) – 17,17,15 secs

      The pseudo push ups were with the biggest lean I could handle, trying to keep the forearm angle as I descend. I didn’t want to get caught up doing the regular tucks as I’d be trying to set a PB and neglect the bigger picture. Will try advanced tuck from next week as I feel ready.

    • #10354

      WEEK 29

      23 Apr

      Tuck Planche with Single Knee Drop – 4,3,3,4,3,5,5,6,6,6,6 secs
      Tucked L-Sit – 30,30 secs
      Raised L-Sit – 20,16 secs

      Rather than drop both legs to get into an advanced tuck, I chose to let one leg drop on its own. The tutorial I watched stressed how much the abs are involved here so I plan to increase the volume I do.

      26 Apr

      Tuck Planche with Single Knee Drop – 5,4,6,7,5,5 secs
      Raised Planche Lean – 10,12,12,12 secs
      Hollow Body Hold – 3 x 30 secs

      WEEK 30

      29 Apr

      Raised Planche Lean – 12,10,10 secs
      Tuck Planche to Advanced – 5,6,5,5 secs
      A1 Tuck Planche – 9,11,12 secs
      A2 ISO Chair Pose – 20,20,20 secs
      Dying Roach – 3 x 50 secs

      A small breakthrough in technique, instead of initiating the transition to advanced tuck with my legs, I started by leaning further with my arms and used my leg position to counterbalance. I wanted to keep practising regular tuck planche because the longer I can hold, the stronger the base I have in which to try shifting to advanced.

      3 May

      Tuck Planche with Single Knee Drop – 5,6,6,5,6 secs
      Tuck Planche – 13,12,15 secs
      Dying Roach – 3 x 50 secs

      I’m feeling the consistency as my positions are more stable. I struggle a bit with my breathing because I exhale and then only manage to inhale in short bursts. Pleased to do a 15 second hold, I’m expecting to build quite quickly from here (1-2 seconds/week).

    • #10355

      WEEK 31

      6 May

      PPPu – 5,6,5,6
      Raised L-Sit – 20,20,15 secs

      10 May

      Tuck Planche – 16,18,11 secs
      Dying Roach – 4 x 50 secs
      Hollow Body Hold – 3 x 30 secs

      Not a lot of volume this week but a lot of intensity. I am also increasing the amount of core work I do, which I also hope to move up in intensity. I don’t feel like balance is a problem so my goals are either to get a stronger lean or to work my core.

    • #10357

      WEEK 32

      14 May

      Tuck to Adv Planche – 5,3,6,4,5,5 secs
      Raised Planche Lean – 10,7,10 secs
      Tucked L-Sit – 30,30,30,22 secs

      I’ve chosen five workouts to cycle through because I find I’m only deciding what to do in the session while warming up and I’d like more structure.

      17 May

      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 20,20,17,16,16 secs
      Hollow Body Hold – 30,30,30,25 secs

      I missed an opportunity to drop my legs slightly while doing the bent arm tuck. These are still tough for me despite being close to doing 5 x 20 secs.

    • #10363

      WEEK 33

      21 May

      PPPu – 8,8,6,6,4
      Raised L-sit – 14,15,11 secs @ 60cm object

      24 May

      Advanced Tuck w Toes – 12 secs
      Planche Lean Touch – 23cm, 4 x 25cm, 0 x 26cm
      A1 Sphinx Push ups – 30,13,10
      A2 TRX Tucks – 10,10,10

      The lean touch is a new exercise, it’s a planche lean but I made a wooden frame that my shoulders can touch and measure the distance from the frame to a chalk line I don’t let my hands go beyond. The idea is that this is what I want to increase if I am to do a full planche, and I feel like my shoulder strength is the limiting factor.

      Here’s a video of it in practice:

    • #10364

      WEEK 34

      28 May

      Tuck Planche – 7,12,10,7,3 secs (39 total)
      Dying Roach – 3 x 50 secs
      Hollow Body Hold – 2 x 30 secs

      The following day I had a sore back and that’s the second time, so I’m not doing this combination of ab exercises again.

      31 May

      Warm up: Bring Sally Up Push Up Challenge (80 secs)
      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 18,17,14,14,13 secs
      TRX Tucks – 15,15,12
      Bring Sally Up Push Up Challenge (90 secs)

      I wanted to increase shoulder strength so I did a push up hold challenge until I was feeling tired. That’s likely why I didn’t hit 20 secs in my bent arm tucks, I also did the TRX tucks which I want to incorporate more often as I can sense the carryover to both tuck to handstand and the full planche.

      Here are some TRX Tucks:

    • #10366

      WEEK 35

      3 Jun

      Planche Lean Touch – 25cm, 2 x 26cm, 2 x 27cm
      Inverted Rows – 15,11,10
      Hanging Toes to Bar – 4 x 8

      6 Jun

      PPPu – 5,7,5,6,5
      Raised L-Sit 60cm – 14,12,9 secs

      WEEK 36

      8 Jun

      Bring Sally Up – 60 secs
      Advanced Tuck Planche – 3,4,6,7,6,3 secs (29 total)
      Bring Sally Up – 90 secs

      10 Jun

      Planche Lean Touch – 25cm, 2 x 27cm, 2 x 28cm
      A1 Inverted Rows – 17,11,9
      A2 Hanging Toes to Bar – 8,7,6

      13 Jun

      Bring Sally Up – 70 secs
      PPPu – 8,6,7,5,6
      TRX Tucks – 4 x 15

      I had a bit of a breakthrough with advanced tuck, rather than try to lower it I just started from the position and raised off the floor. I now plan to get more of a lean going and slowly work my legs back into a straddle. I’ve also shifted from having my index finger straight ahead to my thumb, so more external rotation of the arms. The planche lean touch is really benefiting me and I have confidence in being able to get close to straddle planche in the next 8 weeks.

    • #10370

      WEEK 37

      15 Jun

      Bring Sally Up – 80 secs
      Advanced Tuck Planche – 4,7,8,6,4,5,5 secs (39 total)
      Bring Sally Up – 90 secs

      Only 1 second longer in my best effort but overall I managed more volume.

      17 Jun

      Planche Lean Touch – 27cm, 2 x 28cm, 1 x 29cm, 1 x 30cm
      A1 Inverted Rows – 20,15,11
      A2 Hanging Toes to Bar – 8,8,8

      I strained the inside of my left elbow/bicep getting that 30cm lean, need to calm down. I was in a bit of a hurry to improve now that I feel like I’m on track, and as a precaution I’ve skipped the PPPu I would have done on the 20th. It’s a very minor injury but knowing how much pressure builds up doing PPPu I’m happy to give my body a little rest from this 3x/week program.

      I plan to try a straddle planche because I don’t think I’m a million miles away from it, for now here’s my slightly longer advanced tuck planche. I look to hold so my knees are in line with hands, because that feels the most natural.

    • #10372

      WEEK 38

      24 Jun

      Straddle Planche Lean – 3 attempts
      Advanced Tuck Planche – 10,8,13,7,7 secs (45 total)

      I had a whole week off due to tightness in my bicep, possibly overexerting myself. I’m not able to hold a straddle for even 1 second but at least I know that.

      27 Jun

      Bring Sally Up – 80 secs
      PPPu – 8,6,8,6,5
      TRX Tucks – 3 x 16

      WEEK 39

      1 Jul

      Advanced Tuck – 8,14,7,11,2 (42 total)
      Rear Leg Lift (Bird Dog style) – 3 x 30 secs

      Nice to get an extra second, I’m feeling good in this position and already looking to progressing. I wanted to make sure I have the strength to hold my leg out in a straddle so I did a single leg version from all fours and that was fine.

      4 Jul

      L-Sit to Straddle – 2,4,3
      Tuck Planche Push up – 4,5,3,3
      Pull ups – 10,8,6
      A1 Sphinx Push ups – 31,20,24
      A2 TRX Tucks – 15,12,10

      A few new exercises after watching more on YouTube. I had been doing L-Sit to tuck and back, the suggestion was to hold a split second in a straddle then recover and I was able to do a few reps. The idea behind that is your body gets familiar with being in that position. Then a tuck planche push up, sold as an alternative to PPPu. You have to keep the torso parallel and I found the first few reps easy then immediately struggled, I was trying not to rush and making sure I locked out at the elbows each time.

      I wanted to add in more general strength because the volume hasn’t been that high, so pull ups came in. Sphinx push ups are for forearm conditioning and tucks were in my program already.

      I still want to get to 20 seconds on the advanced tuck but I’m already incorporating straddle exercises.

    • #10376

      WEEK 40-41

      8 Jul

      DB Front Faises – 15 x 5kg, 12 x 6kg
      DB Front Raise w 3 sec ISO – 8 x 6kg
      Pull ups – 4 x 6
      Banded Front Raise – 20
      EZ Bar Front Raise – 12 x 6kg, 15 x 6kg, 2 x 12 x 8.5kg
      Wrist Roller – 2 mins w 5kg

      I wanted to find a front deltoid exercise that could mimic the planche and after a few failed experiments I settled on the EZ bar. The zigzag bar allows me to turn my hands enough to have inner elbows facing up and a correct distance apart. I plan to load up on that because I want to add some volume back in.

      15 Jul

      Planche Lean Hold – 28cm x 6,9,12,6 secs
      A1 EZ Bar Front Raise – 4 x 12 x 11kg
      A2 Pull ups – 7,7,6,6

      I had laser tattoo removal on the 11th and there’s a few days where my torso is swollen and bandaged, so no exercise. Instead of a brief touch I wanted to accumulate some seconds at a specific lean, which I chose to be 28cm (lean measuring device on my Instagram). Great to bring pull ups back, I watched a YT video where he said full planche required back and not just relentless ab training.

      18 Jul

      Advanced Tuck – 10,11,8,7,7,5,3 secs (51 total)
      Sphinx Push ups – 2 x 20

      I was a little disappointed to not hold longer here. I’m behaving in the kitchen and holding ~2400kcal/day which should bring my weight down. I’ve been a slightly doughy 72.5kg and knowing how much difference dropping to 70kg would make to other body-weight exercises like pull ups I believe it will help me a lot in planche.

    • #10377

      WEEK 42

      22 Jul

      Planche Lean Hold – 28cm x 5,14,14,10 secs
      A1 EZ Front Raise – 4 x 10 x 16kg
      A2 Pull ups – 11,8,7,7

      Good session, I’m looking to progress a little each time and edge closer to a straddle planche. My groin is tight at the moment so I’m avoiding any of the dynamic straddle exercises in favour of isometric holds.

      25 Jul

      Advanced Tuck Planche – 6,8,7,9,6,4,7,6 secs (53 total)
      Sphinx Push ups – 28

      This was quite scrappy, it was my abs that let me down as I couldn’t hold my legs off the ground. I’ve got my lean to the point where my weight shifts to the front half of my hands and I’m probably not far from progressing to a straddle. If you look at centre of mass with an advanced tuck compared to a nice wide straddle there’s probably not much between them

      Here are my EZ bar front raises, I’ve felt much more positive about my overall upper body strength since I’ve got back in the gym.

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