Full Planche (Oct 2019)

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    I managed a passable human flag after only 21 days so I wanted more of a challenge. The full planche looks insane and I don’t expect to do it in under 3 months, so luckily there are several progressions before then which I can check off.


    Advanced Frogstand (Crane Pose)
    Tuck Planche
    Advanced Tuck Planche
    Straddle Planche
    Full Planche

    The article recommends being able to hold one move for 30 seconds before moving on, we’ll see how that goes.

    7 Oct

    Plank Lean – 5 x 20 secs
    Frogstand – 10,13,7,6,10,7,25,27 secs (105 total)
    L-Sit – 20,15,15,15 secs

    Plank lean was part of another progression that counts 5 x 20 secs as a pass. Adding in an ab move every day as that’s a weak area of mine.

    9 Oct

    Straddle Plank Lean – 20,20,20,13,16 secs
    Frogstand – 5,5,5,5,30,21,10,5,5,5,5,20 secs (121 total)
    Straddle Sit – 5,5,5,10,8 secs

    The idea behind the frogstand is to accumulate ~150 secs of time under tension. I simply try to balance as long as I can with varying success. I did manage a full 30 seconds on the bars I have, I also alternated to using the floor which my current PB is 21 secs.

    11 Oct

    Handstand lean – 3,2,2,2,2 reps
    Frogstand – 25,10,5,5 secs (45 total)
    Single Leg Front Plank – 3 x 60 secs

    Handstand lean was much harder than I anticipated. You do a handstand against the wall facing towards it with body less than vertical. Then you walk your hands out to a point while walking your feet down the wall, then fix your wrists in place and keep walking the feet a little further down, which forces the shoulders to lean beyond the wrists and put you in a planche. You hold a tough position for 2-4 seconds and go back, which I counted as 1 rep. Shoulders and hands were both knackered after that and my frogstands went to pieces, so I called it a day. Plank was just lifting one foot off the ground and alternating every 10 seconds.

    Here’s my straddle plank lean. It’s a pretty intense move and my biceps feel it.

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