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Lifespan: Why We Age.. – Book Review

lifespan why we age and why we don't have to book cover

To give it its full title, Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To, contains all the latest research in the field of ageing. The author is a Professor of Genetics at Harvard who tries to summarise decades of research done by himself and others into longevity. The book is split neatly into three parts, Past, Present …

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The Circadian Code – Book Review

You might have heard about your body clock, but did you know your liver has its own one too? This book dives into the circadian rhythm – a ~24 hour sleep-wake cycle that the majority of our bodily processes rely upon. The research involves subjects following Time Restricted Eating, an 8-12 hour window of eating each day. This simple change …

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Atomic Habits – Book Review

Highly successful people often have underlying habits that got them where they are – this book shows how you can too. What makes them appear superhuman is often just the result of relentless consistency which happened before they were in the limelight. The overnight success stories belie years of uninterrupted practice of their craft. This book uses a foundation outlined …

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The Hungry Brain – Book Review

This book is by Stephan Guyenet PhD, an obesity researcher with a PhD in neurobiology. He talks through research that has highlighted several regions of the brain which have a direct impact on our long and short term eating habits. Whether it’s how your body decides its body fat set point (the term “lipostat” is used by the author), which …

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The Longevity Diet – Book Review

dr valter longo phd fasting mimicking book review

This book is by the Italian biologist Dr Valter Longo, PhD, best known for his 5 Day Fasting-Mimicking diet. Here he details the various factors that can contribute to a longer life, and also those that are artificially shortening them. The topics range from nutrition to exercise, sample studies of populations that age well, as well as his famous fasting …

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Why We Sleep – Book Review

This book looks at all the latest research on the importance of sleep, a lot of which has been conducted by the author himself. It’s a horrifying read for anyone who frequently fails to achieve the desired 7.5 to 8 hours sleep required by the brain (and body) each night and urges you to make sleep a priority. The topic …

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