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The Game Changers (Netflix) – Review

game changers netflix review

Having watched Cowspiracy and What the Health, I was fully prepared for the Vegan Propaganda to come. The Game Changers is on Netflix now Let’s first agree that anecdotal evidence of people saying “I set a personal best after changing to a plant based diet” has NO value. If you’re an elite athlete, you’re expected to set personal bests throughout …

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Westside vs. The World (Netflix) – Review

Known as “the world’s strongest gym”, Westside started out as a powerlifting facility in Columbus, Ohio opened by Louie Simmons. This was made in the image of the original Westside barbell club, in Culver City California. The documentary opens with a brief history as told by Louie. I was aware of him through Bigger, Stronger, Faster but it was great …

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Generation Iron 3 (Netflix) – Review

This week I sat down and watched Generation Iron 3, let’s get right into it. Generation Iron 3 While the balance was just right with the number of storylines in G.I. 2, this instalment tried to pack in a few too many for my liking. From India’s first bodybuilder Sheru Aangrish, to promising 25 year old Regan Grimes and IFBB …

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Take Your Pills (Netflix) – Review

This documentary covers the use of Adderall in America, and more widely the consumption of prescription stimulants. Prescription stimulants are a $13 billion industry and one that only appears to be growing. The focus (pun intended) begins with Adderall, an amphetamine commonly used by college students for studying and taking exams. The benefits are those of a traditional stimulant: the …

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CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession (Netflix) – Review

CT Fletcher is a former drug-free Bench Press champion turned motivational speaker. He rose to fame following a YouTube interview, seen below.  The opening credits contain my absolute favourite clip. A young CT, casually talking to the camera during pause reps with 180kg (405lbs) on the bench press. In his prime he managed a 295kg (650lbs) Bench Press and …

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The Truth About Alcohol (Netflix) – Review

the truth about alcohol netflix review

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim investigates the truth about alcohol. This is following the new UK guidelines of 14 units/week of alcohol for men.  The Truth About Alcohol (Contains Spoilers) Dr Javid begins by tracking his alcohol intake with a tag fitted to his ankle. This measures the alcohol concentration in his sweat levels. Why not pen and paper? He’s in a …

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Generation Iron 2 (Netflix) – Review

generation iron 2 netflix review film movie

Generation Iron 2 is fresh out on Netflix and follows five of the top figures in the bodybuilding industry. The filmmaker follows Kai Greene, Calum Von Moger, Iris Kyle, Ahmad Ashkanani and Rich Piana – a broad spectrum who share a common desire to be successful. Generation Iron 2 We start with a brief overview of bodybuilding, noting that while …

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The Perfect Physique (Netflix) Review

the perfect physique netflix

The Perfect Physique is a film that covers the lifestyle of a handful of Fitness Models and Physique Competitors. I watched it this week (April ’17) on Netflix. While it’s not strong on content I did try to make notes on what I personally found useful. The format is a “round-table” of around ten guys with great bodies. They discuss …

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The Skinny On Obesity – 7 Part Series

skinny on obesity

In this seven part series, lasting approximately one hour, they uncover the truth about obesity and why it’s a national crisis. The Skinny On Obesity – Synopsis What are the main factors that contribute to the obesity epidemic? How can we reverse the weight gain before it lowers the average life span of the general population? Dr. Robert Lustig, the …

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Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

This is a real eye-opener for anyone who lifts weights. Chris Bell’s documentary focuses on steroid use in sports, as well as his own experience, along with his two brothers Mark and Mike. My Notes on Bigger, Stronger, Faster (spoilers) Background Mark “Smelly” Bell, Mike “Mad Dog” Bell and Chris Bell (Director) are three brothers. All three started weight training …

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