Regular Oats vs. Instant Oats

regular oats oatmeal porridge oats instant

The difference between regular porridge oats and instant oats in a sachet might not be immediately obvious to you. In fact, when you look at the ingredients, both will say something like “100% Wholegrain Rolled Oats”. Regular Oatmeal (left) vs. Instant Oatmeal (right) The only difference is in the size of the flakes. As should be immediately obvious from the …

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The Longevity Diet – An 8 Week Trial

I’ve recently finished almost two months following The Longevity Diet and I’m here to report my findings. The Longevity Diet is from a book by the same name, written by Dr Valter Longo, with (you guessed it!) a focus on maximising longevity. The Diet “Rules” Every diet has guidelines or rules, and this is no different. There are a lot …

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Food Cost Calculator

Is fast food cheap? Does it really cost so much more to eat healthier? Here’s a way to find out! (and put an end to info-graphics like this…) If we ignore alcohol (oh…) then the three main macro-nutrients that make up  your daily calories are Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat. We’re assuming here that they all cost different amounts per gram (a …

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Growing Broccoli Sprouts at Home

Recently I grew some Broccoli Sprouts. These are incredibly beneficial due to a compound called sulforaphane. If you want to know all the health benefits of broccoli sprouts check out this very comprehensive video by the amazing Dr Rhonda Patrick. Sulforaphane contained within broccoli sprouts is: Anti-inflammatory Anti-ageing Anti-cancer Benefits Cardiovascular Health Benefits Brain Health How To Grow Broccoli Sprouts At Home …

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Top 10 Worst Milkshakes In The US & UK

Welcome to the countdown of some of the most high calorie, sugar-laden drinks on the planet. There’s a few ground rules before we get underway: Only one entry per restaurant. Rankings are based on sugar content (with Saturated Fat as a tie-breaker). Only featuring milkshakes from restaurant chains with nutrition tables on this site A reminder that a can of …

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