Self Experiments (N=1)

Blood Glucose Testing (Non-Diabetics)

It was quite hard to find out blood glucose testing results for non-diabetics to know what a “normal” response is. I’ll share the video below and then talk you through the basics. Husband vs Wife: Measure Blood Glucose for Different Meals What is Blood Glucose? When you eat carbohydrates, or a large portion of protein, it gets broken down by …

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I Tracked My Activity Every Hour For A Week

I consider myself to be quite a productive person and decided to find out if that’s really true. I noted down what I was doing across each day for a full week and tallied up the hours of each activity. The total is 108 hours (60 being sleep), equivalent to around 15.5 hours per day, and this is what it …

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100 Push Ups & 50 Pull ups – 21 Day Results

This challenge involved doing 100 push ups and 50 pull ups for six days a week over a total of three weeks. The challenge looks like this: Push up & Pull up challenge, download here The Exercises Push ups: chest to floor on every rep, performed at speed and a focus on pulling the shoulders apart at the top of …

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30 Day Glute Challenge Results

This 30 day workout challenge was completed by my fiancee to see whether it improves her glutes and thighs. The program looks like this: 30 Day Glute Challenge, download here The Exercises There are four main exercises, which are divided into two pairs: A1 Body-weight Squat: Slightly wider stance and toes pointed out at 30 degreesA2 Hip Thrusts: Support the upper …

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How I Improved My 2k Indoor Rowing Time In 8 Weeks

I started by researching online for training programs designed to improve my 2000m rowing time. The first articles I found pointed me towards either The Wolverine Plan or The Pete Plan. Both seemed like quite intense training programs and I was hoping for a less time-consuming alternative. After creating This Spreadsheet to collate a few other programs, I settled on a …

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Smolov Jr. (Bench Press & Squat) + My Results

Smolov is a 13 week weightlifting program used to increase your strength in the Bench Press or Back Squat. It incorporates progressive overload, meaning a calculated increase in weight over the 13 week cycle that should result in a significant personal best. There is, however, a shorter but equally intense program lasting just three weeks, known as Smolov Jr. I …

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Vert Shock Vertical Jump Program – Results & Review (Honest/Brutal)

vertical jump training program results

What is Vert Shock? Vert Shock is an 8 week vertical jump training program created by a former basketball player (Adam) and an elite dunker (Justin). The program mainly consists of plyometrics, which are jumping exercises that can be done on a gym mat/grassy area. One of the main selling points of the program is that it doesn’t require access …

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I Tried Six Different VO2 Max Tests – Here’s How They Compared

I had a look at 6 different ways of measuring your VO2max. I wanted to see how they all compare, and whether you need to test yourself to failure to get an accurate reading. What is VO2max? VO2max is a measure of the maximal volume of oxygen your body can use and it’s a good indicator of cardiovascular fitness. It’s …

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Four Day Fast-Mimicking Diet: The Results

fast mimicking diet results

The Fast-Mimicking Diet I first heard about Fast-Mimicking from Dom D’Agostino as a guest on a podcast (Ben Greenfield Fitness). He then popped up in the Tim Ferriss podcast, as did Dr Rhonda Patrick who had this to say: “When it comes to fasting there are a few things that really differentiate it from a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) …

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