Exercise Articles

Exercise Selection

Having looked at Popular Training Programs you might notice some of them dictate the exact exercises to use, while others give you the opportunity for exercise selection. For these examples I’m going to use the Westside template which is known for its customisation. In the original WS4SB article you can find 6-8 possible exercises for each muscle group or movement …

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Popular Workout Programs

Following on from Common Training Splits which highlighted ways to divide your training over a given week, I want to discuss pre-made programs. There are literally thousands of programs out there, varying greatly in quality, but the most popular ones tend to rise to the top as they get results. The ones you might see the most are from fitness …

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Common Training Splits


These articles are for anyone looking to start lifting weights for the first time, or someone wanting to switch to a new workout program. I think if you have a basic understanding of the gym then every program you come across will make more sense and you’ll be more confident getting started. Where To Start The first thing you need …

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Improving Hamstring Flexibility

I’m in the process of improving my hamstring flexibility and wanted to share what I’ve learned. My method is to search the keywords on PubMed and look through interesting papers over the last 10 years. From there I use my Sports Science background to construct a training program that best reflects what the research shows to be effective. Before I …

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Biceps Training – Key Rules & Sample Workouts

Start with Page 1 if you need Basic Anatomy, Articles and Videos. Key Rules For Bicep Training If you are a beginner, try training your biceps three times a week for six weeks.For the intermediate lifter, training them directly every 5-7 days is sufficient, as they train indirectly when you do other workoutsWork with 8-12 sets in a session, with …

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Triceps Training – Key Rules & Sample Workouts

Start with Page 1 if you need Basic Anatomy, Articles and Videos. Key Rules For Tricep Training Stick to 9 to 12 sets for TricepsUse a warm-up set of 10-12 reps at a lighter weight to get the blood flowing (this doesn’t count towards your 9-12 sets)To give variety to the muscle, use 3-4 exercises in your session, with 2-3 …

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