Full Planche (Oct 2019)

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    WEEK 13


    Unintentionally. I didn’t train near New Year because I was sharing an apartment and didn’t have a good space to set up. Then I flew back to the UK and had a few days of work. In the back of my head I initially had a vision of my YT video title being “Learning to Tuck Planche in __ days” but the number of days is less and less important to me each time I train.

    WEEK 14

    7 Jan

    Raised Planche Lean – 10,10,10,10,10,10,9 secs
    L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,22,22,20 secs

    This is my structure from now on. 3 times a week, same exercises each day. I started doubling up my gym days so legs and planche training are an hour or so apart. When I have to go to work it’s tough to squeeze a workout in, so this is easier for me.

    9 Jan

    V-Sits – 15,14,14,11
    Tuck Planche w Toes – 5 x 20 secs

    I took the tuck planche position and dropped my lower legs (note I still try to tuck the thighs into chest) which makes it about 60-80% the intensity of a proper tuck planche. I did this for advanced frogstand and it transferred well.

    11 Jan

    Tuck Planche – 8,8,8,8,6,8 secs (54 total)
    1 Arm 1 Leg Plank – 4 x 40 secs

    Instead of doing a series of max efforts, I tried to stop short of failure to maintain freshness. I misread my timer for the penultimate hold and it just shows what happens when you take 30 secs off my 3 minute rest. The goal is not to annihilate my shoulders and abs, just aiming for stimulus -> response and building up each week.


    WEEK 15

    15 Jan

    Raised Planche Lean – 7 x 10 secs
    L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,19,20,17 secs

    Good session.

    I had another laser tattoo removal treatment on the morning of the 16th which means I couldn’t do anything the rest of the week. Will resume as normal on the 22nd.


    WEEK 16

    22 Jan

    Tuck Planche Pulses – 5 x 3 reps
    Tuck Planche – 13 secs

    I watched another tutorial video and it had these in, you go from an L-sit tuck hold into a brief tuck planche for a few reps. Anything which gives me more control is a positive thing.

    26 Jan

    Tuck Planche – 8,8,6,7,5 secs (34 total)
    Ab Ripper X – missed about 12 reps across the 13-14 minutes

    I need to up my game with abs and Ab Ripper X (part of the P90X series) is the most brutal and effective ab workout I know. I did it at Uni and after 2 weeks my front plank went from 1 min 30 to 2 min 30 and my front squat went up 10kg because my core could hold the weight.


    WEEK 17

    29 Jan

    Tuck Planche Pulses- 3,3,5,4,3,3,2 (23 total)

    Nice to do more of these, already felt more controlled.

    1 Feb

    Raised Planche Lean (straddle) – 10,8,6,2,2
    Tuck Planche – 10, 11 secs

    2 Feb

    Ab Ripper X (missed about 12 reps)

    Last week my hip flexors hurt for 5 days and my abs for four. This is just pure hard work to get through it.

    You can’t quite tell how red my face was but this was me busting a gut to hold the complete end range for 1-2 seconds. My elbows were flaring up the day before so I did a longer warm up and more deliberate cool down. I want to start each session with a max effort from now on because I feel like it’s been too long doing a tuck and when I hit 20 seconds I’ll gladly move on. My best is 13 seconds and I want to add 2-3 seconds a week so I can start looking at advanced tuck planche.


    WEEK 18

    5 Feb

    Scap Pushups – 2 x 10
    PPPu – 8,8,8,6
    Tuck Planche – 9,8,11,8,5 secs (41 total)

    WEEK 19

    11 Feb

    Tuck Planche – 11, 12 secs
    L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,25,20 secs

    15 Feb

    Tuck Planche Pulses – 3,3
    Tuck Planche – 4, 8 secs
    PPPu – 6,8,8,7,5

    I am seething. My progress is so bloody slow and I genuinely don’t know how to structure my training to make incremental gains, which is new territory for me. I still can’t even tell which muscle groups are failing me. I am going to set aside 45-60 mins to reading more material on planche training because right now that’s the best use of my time.

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