Full Planche (Oct 2019)

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      11 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 18, 10
      Raised Planche Lean – 20, 20 secs
      Intense Raised Lean – 12 x 5 secs
      Tuck Planche – 6, 4 secs
      Prone Leg Raise – 6, 6, 5
      Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs

      Bit of a jumble of exercises, still trying to find my feet with this training. I spent ages mulling over what ab exercises deal with my current weakness and the closest I could come to was the hollow body position of hollow rocks. I’ll do them every session until I’m strong enough.

      13 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 15, 10
      Raised Planche Lean – 20,20,20,20,12 secs
      Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs
      Dying Roach – 2 x 40 secs

      Dying roach is another ab exercise, I picked it off an ab circuit video and it’s a killer.

      16 Nov

      Pseudo Planche Pushups – 13
      Tuck Planche – 5,9,10,10,5,4,4,7,7,3
      Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs
      Dying Roach – 2 x 40 secs

      Here’s the Hollow Rock ab exercise


        19 Nov

        Pseudo Planche Pushups – 10, 15
        Tuck Planche – 6,6,6,7,7,7,7,8,5,4 secs (63 total)
        Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs
        Dying Roach – 3 x 40 secs

        20 Nov I had laser tattoo treatment on my stomach, meaning I had 4-5 days where I couldn’t exercise.

        25 Nov

        Pseudo Planche Pushups – 12, 12
        Tuck Planche – 9,2,2,4,4,6,5,3,3,4,4
        Dips – 15, 18
        DB OHP – 15, 8 x 15kg
        Hanging Knee Raise – 3 x 15

        I did this session at work and it felt crap, after one initial tuck planche I could barely hold any subsequent ones. I added in dips and overhead press to make the session worthwhile, finishing with abs.

        28 Nov

        Pseudo Planche Pushups – 10
        Raised Planche Lean – 20,20,20,20,17 secs
        Tuck Planche – 8,6,4,4,6,5 secs (33 total)
        L-Sit Tuck Hold – 8,8,20,12,17,13
        Hollow Rock – 47, 33 secs

        Trying to get a routine going so I brought back the raised planche lean for sets of 20 seconds to strengthen my shoulders. Still only holding tuck planche for 4-8 seconds at a time and I’m not very optimistic about increasing that time very quickly. Patience required.

        1 Dec

        Pseudo Planche Pushups – 10,10,10,8
        Tuck Planche – 12, 7, 6, 7, 7 secs (39 total)
        L-Sit Tuck Hold – 4 x 20 secs

        I’m training every 3 days to allow full recovery but I still drop off after my first set. I’m also taking 2.5-3 mins between tuck planche attempts as it’s a max effort hold even though duration is short. I feel like I might have to introduce more time under tension to break through this short term plateau.

        Here are the L-Sit tuck holds, I can really feel my abs working so I will stick with these along with several other ab exercises.


          WEEK 9

          I’m getting grumpy at my lack of visible progress so I want to note down the week. I completed a 30 second advanced frog stand at the start of week 4 and in the same week did sets of 5-6 seconds of tuck planche. I seem to progress at a rate of 1-2 seconds per week which is slow going, and my best hold last week was 12 seconds. I feel like I know the exercises which will take me forward and I need to step back and program them in a more ordered fashion, as right now I’m just deciding which exercise to do once I’ve warmed up.

          4 Dec

          Scap Push ups – 15,15,15,12,12,10,8,8,5 (100 total)
          L-Sit Tuck Hold – 20,20,20,16,17 secs
          Hollow Rock – 35 secs

          My shoulders aren’t as strong as I think they are so I need more volume.

          7 Dec

          Psuedo Planche Pushups – 14, 10
          Raised Planche Lean – 15,15,10,10 secs
          Tuck Planche – 5,3,2 secs (RUFKM!)
          OHP – 6 x 40kg
          Raised Planche Toe Walks – 4 sets
          Planks, opposite arm & leg raised – 4 x 40 secs (10 sec switching)
          Hollow Rock – 45 secs

          Quite a lot to unpick. The raised planche lean I tried to hold a deeper angle meaning I couldn’t last the whole 20 seconds. I then tried tuck planche and was pathetic, which made me realise that while my programming of A) lean variation then B) frog stand variation, only worked because the frog stand is more about balance than raw strength. From now on tuck planche will START my session. I was going to do weights but it didn’t take long to find lots of articles stating that planche is about the muscles working in unison and there are plenty of strong guys who can’t do it, so weights isn’t the way to get there.

          My Raised planche walks were good, I posted them on Insta (see below). Then abs were tough and those will be added into rotation. Overall training every 3 days doesn’t work for me and I’m going to go back to 3x/wk on Mon/Wed/Fri.


            WEEK 10

            11 Dec

            L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,18,29,21 secs
            Tuck Planche – 4,4,10,7,9,9,10,8,9,3,9,7 secs (89 total)

            Having said I’d go back to 3x/week I ended up only training once this week due to socialising and not feeling up for it on the other day I was going to train. I opened with one set of L-Sit tuck hold, mainly to wake up my shoulders and abs. I then did all my tucks before finishing off the ab work. The cue I used was to actively pull the knees to chest and that worked well, also starting with my bum higher in the air so more of a forward lean. Finally, 2.5-3 mins rest instead of 2 mins allowed me to repeat efforts, as previous weeks I opened with a long hold then it got progressively worse.

            The plan is to go slow and steady, adding a few seconds to either total TUT or individual holds until I get there.


              WEEK 11

              16 Dec

              L-Sit Tuck Hold – 25,25,18,20,21 secs
              Tuck Planche – 12,5,9,12,9,8,8,8,6,7,7 secs (91 total)

              21 Dec

              L-Sit – 25,20,20,20,15 secs
              Tuck Planche – 8,7,8,4,6,6,5 secs (44 total)
              Advanced Frog Stand – 15,10,20,10,15,20 secs (90 total)

              WEEK 12

              26 Dec

              Advanced Frog Stand, SL Off – 4 x 10 secs
              Advanced Frog Stand – 4 x 10 secs
              L-Sit – 5 x 20 secs

              28 Dec

              Raised Planche Lean – 10,10,10,10,10,10,8,8 secs
              L-Sit Tuck Hold – 20,20,20,20 secs

              Tried a more aggressive lean so I couldn’t hold any longer than 10 secs. I want to get back to 3x/week for conditioning and then back off once my shoulders have some training effect.

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