Full Planche (Oct 2019)

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      WEEK 28

      16 Apr

      Tuck Planche – 5,5,10,11,12,13,14,13 secs (83 total)

      Focus on pushing the ground away.

      19 Apr

      Planche Lean – 20 secs (warm up)
      Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 16,18,15,18,12 secs
      PPPu – 3,4,6
      L-Sit (raised feet) – 17,17,15 secs

      The pseudo push ups were with the biggest lean I could handle, trying to keep the forearm angle as I descend. I didn’t want to get caught up doing the regular tucks as I’d be trying to set a PB and neglect the bigger picture. Will try advanced tuck from next week as I feel ready.


        WEEK 29

        23 Apr

        Tuck Planche with Single Knee Drop – 4,3,3,4,3,5,5,6,6,6,6 secs
        Tucked L-Sit – 30,30 secs
        Raised L-Sit – 20,16 secs

        Rather than drop both legs to get into an advanced tuck, I chose to let one leg drop on its own. The tutorial I watched stressed how much the abs are involved here so I plan to increase the volume I do.

        26 Apr

        Tuck Planche with Single Knee Drop – 5,4,6,7,5,5 secs
        Raised Planche Lean – 10,12,12,12 secs
        Hollow Body Hold – 3 x 30 secs

        WEEK 30

        29 Apr

        Raised Planche Lean – 12,10,10 secs
        Tuck Planche to Advanced – 5,6,5,5 secs
        A1 Tuck Planche – 9,11,12 secs
        A2 ISO Chair Pose – 20,20,20 secs
        Dying Roach – 3 x 50 secs

        A small breakthrough in technique, instead of initiating the transition to advanced tuck with my legs, I started by leaning further with my arms and used my leg position to counterbalance. I wanted to keep practising regular tuck planche because the longer I can hold, the stronger the base I have in which to try shifting to advanced.

        3 May

        Tuck Planche with Single Knee Drop – 5,6,6,5,6 secs
        Tuck Planche – 13,12,15 secs
        Dying Roach – 3 x 50 secs

        I’m feeling the consistency as my positions are more stable. I struggle a bit with my breathing because I exhale and then only manage to inhale in short bursts. Pleased to do a 15 second hold, I’m expecting to build quite quickly from here (1-2 seconds/week).


          WEEK 31

          6 May

          PPPu – 5,6,5,6
          Raised L-Sit – 20,20,15 secs

          10 May

          Tuck Planche – 16,18,11 secs
          Dying Roach – 4 x 50 secs
          Hollow Body Hold – 3 x 30 secs

          Not a lot of volume this week but a lot of intensity. I am also increasing the amount of core work I do, which I also hope to move up in intensity. I don’t feel like balance is a problem so my goals are either to get a stronger lean or to work my core.


            WEEK 32

            14 May

            Tuck to Adv Planche – 5,3,6,4,5,5 secs
            Raised Planche Lean – 10,7,10 secs
            Tucked L-Sit – 30,30,30,22 secs

            I’ve chosen five workouts to cycle through because I find I’m only deciding what to do in the session while warming up and I’d like more structure.

            17 May

            Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 20,20,17,16,16 secs
            Hollow Body Hold – 30,30,30,25 secs

            I missed an opportunity to drop my legs slightly while doing the bent arm tuck. These are still tough for me despite being close to doing 5 x 20 secs.


              WEEK 33

              21 May

              PPPu – 8,8,6,6,4
              Raised L-sit – 14,15,11 secs @ 60cm object

              24 May

              Advanced Tuck w Toes – 12 secs
              Planche Lean Touch – 23cm, 4 x 25cm, 0 x 26cm
              A1 Sphinx Push ups – 30,13,10
              A2 TRX Tucks – 10,10,10

              The lean touch is a new exercise, it’s a planche lean but I made a wooden frame that my shoulders can touch and measure the distance from the frame to a chalk line I don’t let my hands go beyond. The idea is that this is what I want to increase if I am to do a full planche, and I feel like my shoulder strength is the limiting factor.

              Here’s a video of it in practice:

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