Full Planche (Oct 2019)

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      WEEK 42

      22 Jul

      Planche Lean Hold – 28cm x 5,14,14,10 secs
      A1 EZ Front Raise – 4 x 10 x 16kg
      A2 Pull ups – 11,8,7,7

      Good session, I’m looking to progress a little each time and edge closer to a straddle planche. My groin is tight at the moment so I’m avoiding any of the dynamic straddle exercises in favour of isometric holds.

      25 Jul

      Advanced Tuck Planche – 6,8,7,9,6,4,7,6 secs (53 total)
      Sphinx Push ups – 28

      This was quite scrappy, it was my abs that let me down as I couldn’t hold my legs off the ground. I’ve got my lean to the point where my weight shifts to the front half of my hands and I’m probably not far from progressing to a straddle. If you look at centre of mass with an advanced tuck compared to a nice wide straddle there’s probably not much between them

      Here are my EZ bar front raises, I’ve felt much more positive about my overall upper body strength since I’ve got back in the gym.


        WEEKS 43-45

        29 July

        A1 L-Sit to Straddle – 4 x 2
        A2 Tuck Planche Push up – 5,4,6,4
        B1 EZ Front Raise – 3 x 10 x 16kg
        B2 Pull ups – 3 x 7

        8 Aug

        Advanced Tuck Planche – 10,9,8,8,6,2 secs (43 total)

        12 Aug

        Advanced Tuck Planche – 7,8,7,4,6,6,6 (45 total)
        Pull ups – 10,6,6

        15 Aug

        Planche Lean Touch – 27cm, 28cm, 29cm
        L-Sit to Straddle – 2,3,2
        Planche Lean – 20,20,20,10 secs
        Scap Push ups – 3 x 10

        Still experimenting with different exercises, I wasn’t happy with my scap protraction so I added in scap push ups.

        Here are my L-sits to straddle, it’s very brief but the goal is to get your body used to being in that position.


          WEEK 46

          19 Aug

          Advanced Tuck Planche – 8,7,2
          Advanced Frogstand Leg Extension – 3 attempts
          Pseudo Waistline Hold – 4 x 5 secs

          I watched more tutorials and saw a great exercise called pseudo waistline holds which I added in. You lower from a PPPu and hold yourself just off the floor, importantly position your hands so they are down by your waist. This is a very intense isometric and the goal is 5 seconds.

          22 Aug

          L-sit to Tuck Planche – 4 x 5
          Pseudo Waistline Hold – 6 x 5 secs

          Instead of the L-sit to straddle I went back to the traditional tuck, which I can hold for a few secs before returning to L-sit. This was a great exercise for lower body control and raising the hips in a tuck planche so I wanted to bring it back. I really like the pseudo waistline hold, my muscles feel far more challenged than some of the stuff I’ve been doing previously.

          Feet are against a wall, and you can position the hands while lying down so you know they’re going to be level with your waist, then come back into a push up position and lower from there.


            WEEK 47

            26 Aug

            L-Sit to Tuck Planche – 5,4,4,4,3
            Pseudo Waistlinte Hold – 5,5,5,3

            30 Aug

            Pull ups – 8
            Flex Arm Hang – 3 x 30 secs
            EZ Front Raise – 3 x 12 x 16kg

            WEEK 48-50

            Rest and recover. I watched a few videos on the optimal rest period between sessions and someone argued the point that longer rest is better, with 5 days between intense sessions. My inner elbow joints have been aching and in general I feel like I’m bringing residual soreness/tiredness into the next session, so I’m giving my body a more extended break before coming at this again.


              WEEK 51-52

              25 Sept

              Arnold Press – 2 x 10 x 6kg
              Weighted Pull ups – 2 x 6 x 10kg
              Pike Push up (feet elevated) – 3 x 6
              A1 Handstand practice – 15,18,16 secs
              A2 Reverse Table Top – 3 x 20 secs
              Dragon Flag Lowers – 4,3,3

              This will be the weights based session I do between the more technical days. I like the Arnold Press for deltoids, weighted pull ups are recommended a lot, and I’m coming back to learning to handstand. The dragon flag ab exercise was a miss and I’ll change that.

              28 Sept

              L-Sit to Tucked Sit to Tuck Planche Pulse – 4 x 3
              Advanced Tuck Planche – 5 x 6 secs

              Another discovery was an optimal set & rep scheme for isometrics based on your maximum hold. I’ll be following that instead of constantly going to failure like I used to.

              1 Oct

              Arnold Press – 3 x 12 x 6kg
              Weighted Pull ups – 3 x 6 x 15kg
              Pike Push up (feet elevated) – 10,9,8,7
              A1 Handstand practice – 3 x 30 secs
              A2 Reverse Table Top – 3 x 30 secs
              Hanging Toes to Bar – 4 x 6

              The first session was only a few sets to avoid a lot of doms, this time I upped the volume.

              4 Oct

              Pseudo Waistline Holds – 5 x 5 secs
              Planche Lean – 26cm, 6 x 6 secs
              Raised L-Sit – 20,10,10,10 secs

              Here are the planche leans, I can shift the wooden structure for more/less of a lean in cm.

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