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    13 August

    Vert Test – 57cm/22.4″
    Floor to Ceiling Jumps – 3 x 8
    Hex Bar Squat Jumps – 3 x 8 x 45kg
    Speed Squat – 5 x 2 x 75kg (45 secs)
    1/2 Back Squat – 3,3 x 125kg, 3 x 130kg, 1 x 135kg, 1 x 130kg
    RDL – 5 x 3 x 100kg

    I had to wear an ankle strap and it was pissing it down with rain so my vert test wasn’t too enthusiastic. Still I think it’s reflective of how I feel relative to last week, legs are a bit heavy. I stuck my barbell inside the rack so I could use the safety bars, meaning I tried to go heavier on squats and failed a double at 135kg. Squatting to 90 degree knee bend feels so unstable and I really dislike it, shallower or deeper would be fine but there’s something about changing direction at that position that feels horrible.

    14 August

    Bench Press – 6,6,5,5,5 x 85kg
    Barbell Rows – 5 x 6 x 70kg
    Push Press – 4 x 6 x 55kg
    Weighted Chin Ups – 4 x 5 x 20kg

    Here’s Skwats from Monday:

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    16 August

    Depth Jump – 3 x 8 x 70cm
    DB Split Squat Jump – 3 x 8 x 7kg
    Power Clean – 5 x 3 x 75kg
    Bulgarian Squat ISO – 3 x 4 x 50kg (7 secs)

    I skipped Top Squat as I was short on time and had a very active day ahead helping a friend move house. Power Cleans were better, after reading up on the technique I stopped using lifting straps, had a slightly wider hand position and worked on aggressive hip extension for the “second pull”. This made the weight ‘pop’ a bit more and I worked on keeping my feet fixed as I often take a step back to catch the weight.

    Here’s a slow-mo of 70cm depth jump. Notice i’m limiting how much I allow my knees to bend to absorb the force before rebounding up.

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    18 August

    Incline Bench Press – 4 x 9 x 60kg
    Incline DB Row – 4 x 8 x 22.5kg
    Close Grip Bench Press – 4 x 8 x 67.5kg
    A1 EZ Curl – 4 x 8 x 31kg
    A2 Skull Crushers – 4 x 8 x 31kg

    Skipped the preacher curl again, it seems excessive and makes no contribution to jumping ability. End of week 5, ankle has almost healed. I’m feeling the effects of consistent training even if it’s only 5 weeks and my body needs a break.

    I think I missed recent calorie counts so here are the averages from the last two weeks:
    6-12 Aug = P145 C262 F85 Cals 2390
    13-19 Aug = P145 C246 F76 Cals 2250

    I had a few slices of pizza and a massive burger in the last week and possibly under-rated the calorie counts. My diet has been relaxed but still on track, i’m around 71kg and started this program at 69.5kg. Weight gain clearly isn’t the goal but I know I can still improve my power to weight ratio with some extra overall weight.


    20 August

    Vert Test – 59.5cm/23.5″
    Floor to Ceiling Jumps – 3 x 8
    Hex Bar Squat Jumps – 3 x 8 x 45kg
    Speed Squat – 5 x 2 x 75kg (45 secs)
    1/2 Back Squat – 3 x 125kg, 3,2,3,3 x 130kg
    RDL – 5 x 3 x 100kg

    Slightly higher back squat today, from 2 inches higher than previously. My full squats are to a 24cm box and this is significantly higher, so that knees are at 90 degrees. These were the most enjoyable ones and I don’t think I can do 3 x 130kg to depth so it is allowing me to squat more. Pleased with vert because I know my legs will be better after a deload/rest week. My P.B. is 63cm but most of vert shock I was hitting 60cm so to almost match that here is cool.

    Here’s the vert test, I did 3-4 jumps and you can see the penultimate one was an almost identical chalk mark. My 63cm jump was a real stretch with the arm and left me off balance, so a controlled 59cm is promising.

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    21 August

    Bench Press – 5 x 4 x 90kg
    Barbell Rows – 5 x 5 x 75kg
    Push Press – 5 x 4 x 60kg
    Weighted Chin Ups – 5 x 5 x 20kg

    Such a nice and simple session, still effective. If they put this in Vert Shock it would have made things so much better rather than losing a lot of my strength.

    22 August

    TKE Stretch (P414) – 10 x 5 secs
    Flexion Gapping (P418) – 40 secs
    BB Heel Cord Smash (P426) – 50 secs
    Spread and pull, Toe Dorsi & Toe Plantar (P440-441) – 50 secs
    Single Leg Flex and Extension Rotation (P371) – 90 secs

    These are from “Becoming a Supple Leopard” with page numbers. Thought i’d detail my soft tissue & mobility work since I haven’t done any up until now. The stretch on page 371 was magic for my hips and I felt so loose afterwards. I’ll do more on Saturday so that it doesn’t take me too long to be fresh for a re-test. I don’t think I need a whole week off, perhaps with legs on the 23rd I could do my final test on the 30th.

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