Bigger Arms in Six Weeks

I was surprised to see people in the fitness industry charging money for basic arm programs. Once you know the fundamentals you could come up with 100 programs that all work equally well, and none cost money.

What I decided to do was take the basic principles in my Bicep Training and Tricep Training guides, (also a few from Forearm Training) and combine them into one Six Week Arm Program, seen below.

Six Week Bigger Arm Program

The Fundamentals of Bicep/Tricep Training

  1. For Biceps, hit your Long Head, Short Head and Brachialis for the best all-round development.
  2. For Triceps, hit your Medial, Long and Lateral Heads.
  3. If you want quick growth, try training arms three times a week for six weeks
  4. Use a suitable weight and rest period that correspond to your sets and reps
  5. Include muscle activation exercises for biceps and triceps as part of your warm-up

I tested this out on myself and made a video of the result, which was a gain of 0.5″ from 15″ to 15.5″. Check it out below!

Bigger Arms in Six Weeks (Full Program)
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