30 Day Glute Challenge Results

glute challenge results 30 days

This 30 day workout challenge was completed by my fiancee to see whether it improves her glutes and thighs. The program can be seen above and is available for download here.

The Exercises

There are four main exercises, which are divided into two pairs:

  • A1 Body-weight Squat: Slightly wider stance and toes pointed out at 30 degrees
  • A2 Hip Thrusts: Support the upper back on an exercise bench or sofa, feet slightly wider than shoulder width and toes turned out.
  • B1 Bulgarian Split Squat: Rear foot elevated on an exercise bench or sofa, no higher than knee height (otherwise technique is compromised). Lowering so the front thigh is parallel to the floor and rear knee will be close to the ground.
  • B2 Single Leg Glute Bridge: Lying on the floor with one foot up on an exercise bench or sofa, bringing the hips up so they form a straight line from shoulder to knee. Have the heel in contact with the surface and pull the toes up to the shin to activate the back of the leg.

Complete the total reps on the day in any way you see fit, e.g. breaking it up into blocks of 20 to 50 reps with a few minutes rest, either alternating exercise or doing all reps of one exercise before moving on.


After taking 5-6 days to allow the legs to fully recover, pictures and measurements were taken and compared to those from day one.

Day One: Not much of a curve
Day 35: Increase in muscle mass with a smaller waist and thicker glutes and thighs

This was a tough and sometimes tedious challenge to complete, though soreness was never a huge concern. Despite not noticing the day to day changes, she was really impressed by how different the before and after pictures look. She said all along that while she felt her glutes working, the exercises seemed to tire her quads more, and that’s reflected in the 3/4″ gain of each thigh.

An impressive difference was seen over the thirty days

For best results, emphasis should be made on glute activation exercises as part of the warm up to ensure maximally targeting the area you want to improve. Examples include Resistance Band Monster Walks, Side Lying Clams and Banded Squats. Static stretching the quads and glutes when warming down will also help maintain mobility across the month.

While this is a great program for those with no access to a gym, you may find similar or better results from 2-3x/week sessions of weighted squats and hip thrusts done for fewer total reps.

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