Rowing Workout For Fat Loss & Improved Fitness


For those of you with access to a rowing machine, here’s a very basic Rowing Workout for Fat Loss and improved Fitness.

Warm up

Before you start it’s a good idea to warm up. Simply rowing at a relaxed pace for 500-1000 metres should be fine.

Rowing Workout

The workout is split up into 10 rounds of 1 minute intervals.

You will row for 60 seconds, then rest for 60 seconds, and repeat that 10 times.

Try and keep your stroke rate around 26-30 strokes per minute.

You should be working at 80-85% intensity, so that you are not fully recovered before the next rep.


Use the following checklist to make sure all parts of your rowing technique are correct:

  • Sit up straight, shoulders down
  • Loose grip on the handle – no squeezing
  • Straight arms for the initial pull, and only bend towards the end of the stroke
  • Think “Legs – Hips – Arms, Arms – Hips – Legs” for each stroke
  • Pull the handle between lower chest and belly button
  • Don’t go too quickly from the end of the stroke to the start of the next one, this is where a lot of beginners feel they need to rush things


Completing 10 x 1 minute row, 1 minute rest is just one of many combinations of workouts.

If you find it too hard, try 2 sets of 5 x 1 minute row, 1 minute rest with a longer break between.

Mix up the distance: Try 6 x 500m with 2 minutes rest, or 10 x 250m with 1 minute rest.

Include active rest: Instead of stopping to rest completely, you can try rowing at a relaxed pace between your reps.

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