Rowing Workout For Fat Loss

For those of you with access to a rowing machine, here’s a very basic indoor rowing workout for fat loss. It’s suitable for any ability level because you only work at a level that you can manage – but make sure to challenge yourself!

Warm up

Before you start it’s a good idea to warm up. Simply rowing at a relaxed pace for around 500 metres should be fine. This is a good opportunity to practice your technique if needed.

Rowing Workout

The workout is split up into 10 rounds of 1 minute intervals.

  • Row for 60 seconds
  • Rest for 60 seconds
  • Repeat that 10 times.

Try and keep your stroke rate around 26-30 strokes per minute. That number should be visible in the corner of your concept2 display. You should be working at 80-85% intensity, so that you are not fully recovered before the next rep.


Use the following checklist to make sure all parts of your rowing technique are correct:

  • Sit up straight with your shoulders down
  • Have a loose grip on the handle – no squeezing!
  • Keep straight arms for the initial pull, and only bend them towards the end of the stroke
  • Think “Legs – Hips – Arms, Arms – Hips – Legs” for each stroke
  • Pull the handle back so it finishes around chest height
  • Don’t go too quickly from the end of the stroke to the start of the next one. In rowing terminology this is called “the catch” and it’s where a lot of beginners rush things


  • To make it easier, add a longer break after the 5th round, for example 3 minutes instead of one.
  • Do it by distance instead of time. Try 6 x 500m with 2 minutes rest, or 10 x 250m with 1 minute rest.
  • Include active rest. Instead of stopping to rest completely, you can try rowing at a relaxed pace between your reps.

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