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5/3/1 Calculator

I’ve pasted these files as not everyone has access to Excel and knows how to write the formulae in each row.

Instead of a 5/3/1 calculator I have simply reproduced everything from 20kg up to 215kg and taken screenshots.

The numbers are rounded to the nearest 2.5kg.

17.5kg to 40kg

5/3/1 calculator 1

42.5kg to 65kg

5/3/1 calculator 2

67.5kg to 90kg

5/3/1 calculator 3

92.5kg to 115kg

5/3/1 calculator 4

117.5kg to 140kg

5/3/1 calculator 5

142.5kg to 165kg

5/3/1 calculator 6

167.5kg to 190kg

5/3/1 calculator 7

192.5kg to 215kg

5/3/1 calculator 8

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