Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

This is a real eye-opener for anyone who lifts weights.

Chris Bell’s documentary focuses on steroid use in sports, as well as his own experience, along with his two brothers Mark and Mike.

My Notes on Bigger, Stronger, Faster (spoilers)

  • Mark “Smelly” Bell, Mike “Mad Dog” Bell and Chris Bell (Director) are three brothers.
  • All three started weight training around the same time.
  • Mad Dog played American Football, Smelly and Chris went into Powerlifting.
  • Chris was one of the strongest kids in the country, and made the decision to move to Golds Gym and train.
  • Mad Dog talks about the prevalence of steroids in D1 football (tier below NFL).
  • Mad Dog quits football to pursue Wrestling career.
  • Smelly (present day owner of Super Training Gym – also Check His Youtube) did some Football and Wrestling too, but gave up for birth of son.
  • Smelly continues Powerlifting, and is shown benching 633lbs.
  • They discuss the prevalence of steroids in Baseball, Olympic Weightlifting and Track & Field Sprinting.
  • Chris speaks about how steroids are portrayed in media & film.
  • Interview with Greg Valentino, who has the world’s biggest biceps. Followed by a chat with to Stan Lee (Marvel Comics).
  • They visit Louie Simmons & Westside Barbell.
  • Chris has a conversation with Floyd Landis (Tour de France winner) before meeting Ben Johnson (100m).
  • He finds out the use of the term “herbal supplement” or “cold medicine” is used to cover up steroid use.
  • Chris talks to his Congressman about steroids.
  • Chris visits a man whose son committed suicide having been on steroids (
  • There’s a talk with a psychiatrist about modern man’s obsession with muscles and six pack abs.
  • Discussion with a Fitness Model about weights and steroids, who mentions all the fraud and deception in the supplement industry.
  • The Supplement Industry is worth $24 billion/year (as of documentary date).
  • Chris makes and produces his own supplement legally since they don’t have to be FDA approved.
  • He uses his own body and Photoshop to produce a before & after ad in same day.

bigger stronger faster photoshop supplement label

Here’s the “Before” and “After” photoshop job done for Chris’s fake supplement brand. As you see in the documentary, these pictures are taken in the same day and manipulated on the computer.

This is a great documentary and should be of interest to everyone who lifts weights. The high prevalence of steroids, particularly in lower level sport, means it’s not a level playing field for clean athletes.  If you know anyone who might find this documentary interesting please SHARE it with them.