how to use a massage gun

How To Use A Massage Gun

February 6, 2022 Fraser_9to5 0

After the excitement of unboxing my massage gun, my next thought was “okay, how do I use this thing?”. I’ve had my Renpho massage gun for almost a year now and it wasn’t clear how (or when!) I should be using it.

Starting Strength Program

January 9, 2019 Fraser_9to5 0

Starting Strength is a program written by experienced strength coach Mark Rippetoe and centres around five primary lifts. It is a linear progression program meaning […]

Bigger Legs in 8 Weeks

February 25, 2020 Fraser_9to5 0

I tried out this workout which is lifted directly from an article on T-Nation called “No Weights Big Wheels”. The appeal was that it’s body-weight […]