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      My wife agreed to do a pull-up program, she is nowhere near doing one so it’ll be nice to see how much she progresses. Due to her scheduling we had to include a gap between week 1 and the other weeks, but since it’s mainly stretching I felt it was okay.

      16 Jan

      Daily Stretches
      Pre-Testing: Active Deadhang (12 secs)
      Active Deadhang w Straps (20 secs)
      Rack Pull ISO Hold – 10 secs @ 40,45,50,55,60,60,60kg
      Forearm Cool Down

      The stretches and cool down bookend each workout. She could only hang off the bar for 12 secs, let alone lift herself up. Her grip seemed to be the weak point so she tried again with straps and managed longer. I wanted to do a bit of grip work so the program isn’t entirely lost on her, so rack pull and hold at the top was added.

      17 Jan

      Daily Stretches
      Bent Knee Seated Pull ups – 2 x 4
      Forearm Cool Down

      These were easy enough to focus on the technique.

      19 Jan

      Dynamometer Grip Test 9.30am – Left 30.5kg, Right 30.7kg
      Daily Stretches x 2
      Weigh In – 67kg, 44.5kg FFM, 49.4% water
      Rack Pull ISO Hold – 5 x 10 x 60kg
      Forearm Cool Down

      I have an electronic dynamometer and noted the time of day because that is a variable that needs controlling for reliability. For the same reason I noted down the water % as her perceived fat free mass (FFM) is wrongly very correlated with water when it comes to body fat scales.

      21 Jan

      Daily Stretches
      Bent Knee Seated Pull ups – 4 x 4
      Forearm Cool Down

      22 Jan

      Daily Stretches

      24 Jan

      Daily Stretches
      Bent Knee Seated Pull ups – 3 x 4
      Forearm Cool Down

      25 Jan

      Dynamometer Grip Test 10am – Left 29.7kg, Right 29.9kg

      She’s away for a while and will repeat the last 3 days of Week 1 when she returns, followed by weeks 2-5.

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