Custom 8 Week 2k Rowing Program (Sept 2018)

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      27 Sept

      Rowing Machine – 3 x 8 mins (6 mins) DF123
      avg 2:07.6, 2:07.1, 2:07.3

      30 Sept

      Rowing Machine – 2 x 5 mins (2.5 mins) DF 130
      avg 1:59.7, 2:00.1

      Legs are feeling quite heavy this week and general recovery feels slow. I am following The Longevity Diet for this time period and my reduced protein intake (80g/day instead of 140g/day) is noticeable in the way my muscles don’t repair as quickly between workouts. I skipped weights on Friday and Sunday as they are meant to be more for injury prevention and complementing the rowing, whereas right now they are just making everything more challenging.

      Tomorrow (1st Oct) I will do the Step Test for VO2max to see if there’s any difference in my fitness levels.


        1 Oct

        Step Test – 3 mins. 15 sec heart beats = 35
        Estimated VO2max = 52.53 ml/kg/min

        Rowing Machine – 2 x 16 mins (6 mins) DF 121
        avg 2:12.5, 2:13.2

        My heart rate was 144 when I tested 4 weeks ago, and today it was 140 after the step test. It was really accurate with the VO2max calculator based on 2km rowing time, and my new VO2max would put my 2km row at 7:47, down from 7:55. Confirms that I should be trying to hit the suggested pace of 7:40-7:50 when training and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. When I do the final 2000 metre row I’ll do the Step Test as part of the warm up and then use the result to predict what my 2km time should be to allow me to judge my pace.


          3 Oct

          Rowing Machine – 6 x 1 min on/1 min off DF 137, avg 1:53.0/500m
          Power Clean – 3 x 4 x 60kg
          Front Squat – 75kg x 5, 5*
          Weighted Push Ups – 5kg x 20,20
          Batwing Rows – 15kg x 16,16
          Front Planks – 2 x 40 secs
          Side Plank – 2 x 30 secs

          *tweaked back. I went for a 6th rep on the front squats and as I changed direction at the bottom of the squat I allowed my elbows to drop and felt my lower back go. I bailed immediately and skipped RDL. It’s probably going to take 7-10 days given I plan to keep rowing with it (assuming pain free) so I’ll drop the weight to 40-50kg this time next week and ease back in. Ironic that the weights are mainly for injury prevention for rowing. Probably my fault for treating them more like a normal weights session and still pushing quite hard with reps.


            4 Oct

            Rowing Machine – 2 x 10 mins (6 mins) DF 123, avg pace 2:10.2/500m

            My back was killing me yesterday, it got much worse as the day progressed. Rubbed Perskindol on my lower back before bed and slept with a pillow between my legs, then woke up with my entire back really stiff. Took a long hot bath this morning and did stretches on hamstrings, glutes etc. to reduce overall tension in the muscle. Perskindol again in the early afternoon and around 4pm I did this workout. It was meant to be 3 x 10 mins but I’m pushing my luck already and it’s possible the painkiller is masking me further damaging my back. Rowing was with a more rigid torso and I felt no discomfort at all, able to do the full warm up with no issues either. Confident about completing the rowing workouts and I’ll need to take it easy in the gym, possibly no more front squats for the rest of the month.


              5 Oct

              Inverted Row – 3 x 5
              YWT Raise – 3 x 12 x 2.5kg

              7 Oct

              Rowing Machine – 3 x 5 mins (2.5 mins) DF 131
              avg 1:59.1/500m

              DB RLESS – 2 x 10 x 15kg
              DB OHP – 2 x 8 x 15kg
              Pull Ups – 2 x 5
              RDL – 8 x 5kg
              Side Plank – 30 secs
              Front Plank – 2 x 30 secs

              Pleased with the rowing session, close to the max. pace I can hold given my lower back injury. I did it with no painkillers and had no discomfort which is positive. The gym session was more like rehab, I did a token weight for a few exercises and RDL was just to practice having a strong back position. Weakness most noticeable doing front planks and I couldn’t go beyond 30 secs. Not keen on the 2 x 18 minute rows tomorrow, the plan is to stop if it’s making my back worse.

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