Reply To: Pre-Season Fitness for Soccer (Apr 2019)


11 Apr

Bench Press – 2 x 3 x 95kg
Incline DB Bench Press – 15, 13 x 25kg
A1 DB Rows – 4 x 8 x 35kg
A2 Rear Delt Flyes – 4 x 8 x 3.5kg
EZ Bar Curls – 12,11,10 x 31kg

I could tell in the warm up I wasn’t as strong as last week and it showed in the lower reps on incline press. Managed a bit more volume than last week though.

12 Apr

General warm up + Mobility
Frequency Drills
Grass Runs: 10 x 10m, 6 x 20m, 3 x 40m* (rest 1 min, 2 mins, 4 mins)

On the third rep of 40m I got to around 20-25 metres and felt my right hamstring go. I’ve had enough hamstring pulls (6-8?) over the years to know that this one was quite bad. It was a combination of dehydration from not taking water with me and the uneven surface which probably caused it. I immediately picked up all my stuff and hobbled home to ice it. Over the next day and a bit I iced it for 8 lots of 20 mins, spaced 2+ hours apart. I’m on crutches and expect to need at least two weeks before I can do a light jog, but hopefully some gentle physio work before that time.

14 Apr

Sprinter sit-ups – 3 x 20

The only part of the session I could do and even then it was modified to put no strain on my hamstring. I plan to do as much of the upper body session tomorrow as I can without feeling any kind of twinge in my hamstring, likely a seated version of some exercises. I hate being injured.