Reply To: Custom 8 Week 2k Rowing Program (Sept 2018)


    1 Oct

    Step Test – 3 mins. 15 sec heart beats = 35
    Estimated VO2max = 52.53 ml/kg/min

    Rowing Machine – 2 x 16 mins (6 mins) DF 121
    avg 2:12.5, 2:13.2

    My heart rate was 144 when I tested 4 weeks ago, and today it was 140 after the step test. It was really accurate with the VO2max calculator based on 2km rowing time, and my new VO2max would put my 2km row at 7:47, down from 7:55. Confirms that I should be trying to hit the suggested pace of 7:40-7:50 when training and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. When I do the final 2000 metre row I’ll do the Step Test as part of the warm up and then use the result to predict what my 2km time should be to allow me to judge my pace.