Reply To: Custom 8 Week 2k Rowing Program (Sept 2018)


27 Sept

Rowing Machine – 3 x 8 mins (6 mins) DF123
avg 2:07.6, 2:07.1, 2:07.3

30 Sept

Rowing Machine – 2 x 5 mins (2.5 mins) DF 130
avg 1:59.7, 2:00.1

Legs are feeling quite heavy this week and general recovery feels slow. I am following The Longevity Diet for this time period and my reduced protein intake (80g/day instead of 140g/day) is noticeable in the way my muscles don’t repair as quickly between workouts. I skipped weights on Friday and Sunday as they are meant to be more for injury prevention and complementing the rowing, whereas right now they are just making everything more challenging.

Tomorrow (1st Oct) I will do the Step Test for VO2max to see if there’s any difference in my fitness levels.