Reply To: Get Vertical Program (July 2018)


    30 August

    If I don’t post on Sunday it’s because I couldn’t get any higher…

    Vert Test (standing) – 64cm/25.2in
    Vert Test (running) – 67cm/26.4in

    I had a tape measure hanging off the hoop with 5 inches spare but I touched it comfortably, so I’m calling it 26.5 inch rather than 26 inches (31 inch is me touching the rim). I felt good but not great today, took a few standing jumps to get in the groove. In both cases getting a little bit lower was effective for me. I read Kelly Baggett’s VJ Bible and as a two-footed jumper it said I rely on strength so need to take advantage of that with a lower starting position.

    I’ll test my standing again on Sunday and if I can beat that I’ll go down to the court as well, otherwise that’s the 6 week program over. If I were to repeat it I’d take out the isometrics and stick in either hip thrusts, front squat or heavy hex bar deadlifts. I’d also do full squats, as that half squat crap was terrible.

    Here’s a few stills and my standing jump PB