Reply To: Get Vertical Program (July 2018)


    16 August

    Depth Jump – 3 x 8 x 70cm
    DB Split Squat Jump – 3 x 8 x 7kg
    Power Clean – 5 x 3 x 75kg
    Bulgarian Squat ISO – 3 x 4 x 50kg (7 secs)

    I skipped Top Squat as I was short on time and had a very active day ahead helping a friend move house. Power Cleans were better, after reading up on the technique I stopped using lifting straps, had a slightly wider hand position and worked on aggressive hip extension for the “second pull”. This made the weight ‘pop’ a bit more and I worked on keeping my feet fixed as I often take a step back to catch the weight.

    Here’s a slow-mo of 70cm depth jump. Notice i’m limiting how much I allow my knees to bend to absorb the force before rebounding up.