Reply To: Get Vertical Program (July 2018)


    19 July

    Depth Jump – 3 x 8 x 50cm
    DB Split Squat Jumps – 3 x 8 x 7kg (3.5kg per hand)
    Power Clean – 4,3,3,3 x 80kg
    Top Squat ISO Push – 3 x 5 x 6 secs
    Bulgarian Split Squat ISO – 3 x 4 x 40kg per leg (5 sec pause at 90 degree)
    Swiss Ball Weighted Crunch – 3 x 12 x 20kg

    20 July

    Rowing Machine – 4 x 500m (2 mins) in 1:54.6, 1:49.7, 1:55.7, 1:50.6

    I don’t think rowing will take away from my lifting sessions, if anything it’s active recovery even though slightly tiring. A few new exercises for me on Thursday, the isometrics were weird and the depth jumps were higher than I was used to but I adapted quickly.

    For the top squat i’ve seen someone put the barbell UNDER the safety pins and push up on them, which only works if the squat rack is bolted to the floor. Mine isn’t, so instead I put a heavy weight (200kg) and held it off the pins each rep. Possible I need to set it so i’m less upright next week. Here it is anyway..

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