Reply To: Vert Shock (May 2018)


    WEEK 8 (Unofficial)

    25 June

    Re-Test Vert 61cm (24 inch)
    Around The Square – 3 x 4
    Tuck Jumps – 2 x 12
    Speed Skaters – 3 x 30
    180 Squat Jumps – 3 x 10
    Split Jumps – 3 x 12

    26 June

    Re-Test Vert 62cm (24.4 inch)
    Lateral High Jumps – 3 x 20
    Depth Jumps – 3 x 8
    Single Leg Box Jumps – 2 x 8 per leg
    Seated Box Jumps – 3 x 8
    Power Cleans – 5 x 60kg

    27 June

    Uphill Sprints – 4 x 20m
    Uphill Squat Jumps – 3 x 15
    Clap Pushups – 2 x 10
    V-Situps – 3 x 20
    Plate Twists – 3 x 30 secs x 5kg

    29 June

    Around The Square – 3 x 4
    Tuck Jumps – 2 x 12
    180 Squat Jumps – 3 x 10
    Split Jumps – 3 x 12

    It’s not really cool for me to go sharing the entire Vert Shock Program on my journal, so i’m repeating week 1 on here but with the split jumps too. I also included power cleans as a little boost before I return to lifting weights properly.

    I tested my vert as normal on Monday but then read the free PDF from Adam Folker where he shares 4 hacks for jumping higher. I implemented them all and tested my vert on the Tuesday and got 62cm (1cm higher) which is my new P.B.

    Today is the 29th and i’ve just finished the training. I took out horizontal bounds because I read research that it has no impact on jump height and I think since this program is aimed at basketball players that’s why it’s been included. Since I only want to jump higher and have a sore right ankle I decided to drop those 3 sets completely. I’m going to include all the other exercises as normal.

    Final re-test will be 3rd July where i’ll also go to my local court and see how close I can get to the b’ball rim.

    Below is a still from my 62cm vert.