Reply To: Custom Jump Program (Nov 2020)


    WEEK 15

    13 Apr

    Broad Jumps – 7 (best of 255cm)
    A1 Penultimate Acceleration – 2 x 5
    A2 Mechanics Primer – 2 x 4
    2 step jumps – 10, LR = 72cm, RL = 69cm
    Rugby Ball Adductor Squeeze – 30 secs
    Res. Band Adductor – 30 secs
    Standing Hip Flexor Hold – 2 x 20 secs x 5kg

    Improved my broad jump by 1cm, this was into a wind if that has any impact. Decent jumps, it was windy and a bit cold so my enthusiasm wasn’t there. I equalled my PB going RL, took me a while to realise which cues help so I might write them down before next week (emphasis on lowering centre of mass with the penultimate, push-punch, aggressive arm swing and accelerating into the final steps). I wanted a new exercise for my adductor and tried a few out, then changed the hip flexor exercise to one I did at Uni.

    14 Apr


    The previous session was meant to be on the 12th but I woke up to snow.. in April.. so I postponed it a day. I planned to take a rest at some point and this fitted in nicely.

    16 Apr

    Flying Runs – 6 x 25m in 2.93,2.94,2.78,2.78,2.81,2.78
    Shock Jumps – 3 x 5 x 100cm
    Reverse Nordics – 3 x 12

    A generous tailwind helped me to faster times, wasn’t feeling great and needed 5 mins rest between reps instead of 3.5-4 mins.

    17 Apr

    Massage gun – glutes, adductors, calves
    Dom Sky Beginner Abs – 1 circuit

    Yesterday took longer than expected so I didn’t have time for abs. Only a single circuit with jumping session in 48 hours, also did the massage gun and prefer that to my mobility stretches.

    A relatively good week of training, some faster times and higher jumps. The court I jump on is very exposed and there’s always a cold breeze which means I have to wrap up warm to jump. If I piece everything together and hit a jump well I can absolutely trouble my PB of 74cm. Here’s 69cm going RL.