Reply To: Custom Jump Program (Nov 2020)


    WEEK 12+1

    My plans for week 13 included a running track and a b’ball court, neither of which I can access until the 29th. It makes sense to extend this by one week so it aligns well.

    22 Mar

    Rest. While I want to do an extra week, the volume was probably too high at first and my body needs a rest.

    23 Mar

    Overhead Squat – 4 x 5 x 27.5kg
    A1 Med Ball Throws – 3 x 3
    A2 CMJ – 3 x 3
    Nordic Curls – 3 x 6
    Standing Calf Raise – 25 x 10kg
    Ab Ripper X – Half reps

    25 Mar

    SL Standing Calf Raise – 2 x 11
    Pogo Jumps – 3 x 20 secs
    Wall Drill – 2 x 6
    Arm Drill – 3 x 10
    Broad Jumps – 6
    A1 Penultimate Acceleration – 2 x 5
    A2 Mechanics Primer – 2 x 4
    2 step 2 footed jumps – 5 per side

    I realised the wall drill is very similar to the mechanics primer so I don’t need both. A calf raise is also similar to the dorsi drill I was doing and I’ve used the former in the warm up.

    26 Mar

    Single Leg Hip Raise (3 sec ISO) – 8 x 20kg
    Floor to Ceiling Jumps – 3 x 8
    DB SLRDL – 3 x 6 x 8.5kg
    Hex Clean Pull – 5 x 2 x 80kg
    Reverse Nordics – 2 x 12
    Ab Ripper X

    I went too heavy with the deadlift and would be much better with a power exercise like clean pulls, which I’ve put in their place. I tried reverse nordics for the first time and enjoyed them.

    27 Mar

    Foam Rolling, Massage Gun

    I skipped the mobility this week but made sure to do a lot of soft tissue work.

    Here are the reverse nordics