Reply To: Vert Code Elite (Feb 2020)



    Since I’m stopping VCE after 8 of 12 phases it’s not fair to immediately test my vert and consider that to be what the program delivered. I know the CNS takes longer than muscles to fully recover so I scheduled some shorter maintenance sessions (adapted from Vert Shock) which I will do for 2-3 weeks, testing my vert once a week.

    15 Oct

    Around The Square – 3 x 4
    Tuck Jumps – 2 x 10
    180 Squat Jumps – 3 x 10
    Lunge Jumps – 3 x 12

    I forgot how great it feels to do tuck jumps, the reactive ball of the foot contact must surely translate well to jumping.

    17 Oct

    Lateral High Jumps – 3 x 20
    Single Leg Box Jumps – 2 x 8
    Seated Jumps – 3 x 8

    I took depth jumps out of this because those are very demanding on the CNS and the goal is to give mine a break.

    18 Oct

    Uphill Sprints – 4 x 20m
    Uphill broad jumps – 15,15,12

    I had to do these on a side road and needed to bail from the final set as a car was coming. I’m rarely that out of breath following VCE but 15 broad jumps do it for me.

    19 Oct

    Foam roll, 11 stretches
    A1 Deadbug Rocker – 3 x 8
    A2 Mini Band Ankle Turn – 3 x 25
    Toe Raises – 3 x 8 x 3 secs
    SL ball of foot turn – 3 x 6

    I was picking a selection from the Phase 1 core/mobility day.

    20 Oct

    Vert Test – 25 jumps, best of 73cm/28.75″

    Beyond the warm up I stuck with a LR plant as that gets me the most height. I got quite high walking into a 2 step approach and only slightly better from a full approach. I uploaded everything to YouTube so people could give me feedback ahead of next Tuesday, the video is below. I felt good but not amazing so I’m still hopefully that with another week of rest I can get higher (PB is 74cm).