Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    WEEK 42

    22 Jul

    Planche Lean Hold – 28cm x 5,14,14,10 secs
    A1 EZ Front Raise – 4 x 10 x 16kg
    A2 Pull ups – 11,8,7,7

    Good session, I’m looking to progress a little each time and edge closer to a straddle planche. My groin is tight at the moment so I’m avoiding any of the dynamic straddle exercises in favour of isometric holds.

    25 Jul

    Advanced Tuck Planche – 6,8,7,9,6,4,7,6 secs (53 total)
    Sphinx Push ups – 28

    This was quite scrappy, it was my abs that let me down as I couldn’t hold my legs off the ground. I’ve got my lean to the point where my weight shifts to the front half of my hands and I’m probably not far from progressing to a straddle. If you look at centre of mass with an advanced tuck compared to a nice wide straddle there’s probably not much between them

    Here are my EZ bar front raises, I’ve felt much more positive about my overall upper body strength since I’ve got back in the gym.