Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    WEEK 37

    15 Jun

    Bring Sally Up – 80 secs
    Advanced Tuck Planche – 4,7,8,6,4,5,5 secs (39 total)
    Bring Sally Up – 90 secs

    Only 1 second longer in my best effort but overall I managed more volume.

    17 Jun

    Planche Lean Touch – 27cm, 2 x 28cm, 1 x 29cm, 1 x 30cm
    A1 Inverted Rows – 20,15,11
    A2 Hanging Toes to Bar – 8,8,8

    I strained the inside of my left elbow/bicep getting that 30cm lean, need to calm down. I was in a bit of a hurry to improve now that I feel like I’m on track, and as a precaution I’ve skipped the PPPu I would have done on the 20th. It’s a very minor injury but knowing how much pressure builds up doing PPPu I’m happy to give my body a little rest from this 3x/week program.

    I plan to try a straddle planche because I don’t think I’m a million miles away from it, for now here’s my slightly longer advanced tuck planche. I look to hold so my knees are in line with hands, because that feels the most natural.