Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)



21 May

PPPu – 8,8,6,6,4
Raised L-sit – 14,15,11 secs @ 60cm object

24 May

Advanced Tuck w Toes – 12 secs
Planche Lean Touch – 23cm, 4 x 25cm, 0 x 26cm
A1 Sphinx Push ups – 30,13,10
A2 TRX Tucks – 10,10,10

The lean touch is a new exercise, it’s a planche lean but I made a wooden frame that my shoulders can touch and measure the distance from the frame to a chalk line I don’t let my hands go beyond. The idea is that this is what I want to increase if I am to do a full planche, and I feel like my shoulder strength is the limiting factor.

Here’s a video of it in practice: