Reply To: Vert Code Elite (Feb 2020)


    WEEK 16

    20 May

    Foam Roll & Dynamic WU
    Lateral Band Exercise – 3 sets
    SL Jump – 3 sets
    Bounding Series – 2 sets
    Hurdle Jumps – 6 sets
    Weighted Pistol Variation – 3 sets
    RDL – 3 x 6 x 72.5kg

    21 May

    Core/balance/feet supersets

    23 May

    Foam Roll & Dynamic WU
    1st Step Exercise – 3 sets
    Weighted DB Skip – 3 sets
    Hurdle Jumps – 4 sets
    Step Up Variation – 3 sets
    Jump Technique – 15 mins

    I changed the last exercise, choosing instead to go back to Phase 1 and do some jump mechanics before trying a few 2 step and full approaches. This was much better and I was rediscovering the technique that made me feel so springy. Still no PB unfortunately.

    24 May

    Core/balance/feet supersets

    25 May

    Foam Roll & Dynamic WU
    Agility drill – 4 sets
    Bounding – 1.5 sets (adductor injury)

    I am gutted. I had already planned a week of rest because I could tell my body is tired and needs a break. I tried to get a little extra distance off my right foot in the bounds and I had a sharp pain in my upper thigh. I immediately walked home and iced it, then took an ice bath, now it’s compressed and elevated while I plan my rehab. By the descriptions it unfortunately looks like a grade 2, which could mean 8 weeks out. The most frustrating part about that is I would need to start from an earlier phase rather than picking up where I left off.

    Here are some hurdle jumps from earlier in the week.