Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    WEEK 28

    16 Apr

    Tuck Planche – 5,5,10,11,12,13,14,13 secs (83 total)

    Focus on pushing the ground away.

    19 Apr

    Planche Lean – 20 secs (warm up)
    Bent Arm Tuck Planche – 16,18,15,18,12 secs
    PPPu – 3,4,6
    L-Sit (raised feet) – 17,17,15 secs

    The pseudo push ups were with the biggest lean I could handle, trying to keep the forearm angle as I descend. I didn’t want to get caught up doing the regular tucks as I’d be trying to set a PB and neglect the bigger picture. Will try advanced tuck from next week as I feel ready.