Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    4 Nov


    I rested on the Monday. My arms are feeling slightly fatigued and my elbows are a little troublesome. I’ve done 12 sessions in a row and it feels like a good time to recover further.

    6 Nov

    Pseudo Planche Pushups – 12
    Advanced Frog stand, Floating Knee – 4,3,8,5,6 secs
    Tuck Planche w Toes – 8,18,13,14,16 secs
    Hanging Knee Raise – 11
    Hanging Leg Raise – 8,8,6

    I picked up the pseudo pushup off an Insta comment and I like them, will do more sets in future. I tried what I felt was an intimidating variation, doing the advanced frog stand but only one knee is in contact with the back of the arm, the other “floats” i.e. it’s held in the tuck position. This was harder on one side and highlighted a weakness in my core. Tuck planche was along the same lines as how I learned the advanced frog stand, getting to the balance point and holding it just before I lift the toes. I finished with abs and went for the harder version of straight legs being raised to waist height.

    8 Nov

    Pseudo Planche Pushups – 14
    Tuck Planche w Toes – 15, 16, 20, 15, 13 secs
    Advanced Frog stand, Floating Knee – 7, 8, 6, 5 secs
    Tuck Planche – 5,5,6,6,7,7,7,7 secs
    V-Sits – 18,18,18,14

    Better structure, starting with what should be 5 x 20 secs of a move. The floating knee was no easier and if anything I felt it would be no tougher than holding both legs, so I switched to the full tuck planche. I did these off mini bars, getting more of a lean than last time. This time my shoulders were giving way and abs were better. Finished with V-Sits for the abs.

    This is far more disjointed than training for the frog stand and so I spent the evening watching YouTube tutorials. I found Artem Morozov who immediately highlighted the difference between a good tuck (higher legs, more angle) and a bad one (basically what I’m doing). Both are technically a tuck, but the good one sets you up much better for full planche. He said that the standard progression model of Tuck –> Adv Tuck –> Straddle –> Full, doesn’t work as they’re essentially different skills, and to focus on posterior pelvic tilt.

    Another video with a pro gymnast spoke of strengthening the core in the extended leg position, otherwise all this time doing tucks isn’t helping because those muscles aren’t getting trained. That’s why I’ve been setting time aside to do abs each session, but I don’t feel many have a good carry over to the full planche. He demo’ed a kind of reverse hyper and that’s something I’ll try to replicate, either bent legged off a gym bench or a work bench I have in the garage. He said planche leans with feet on a swiss ball were good as the ball moves and offers a stability challenge, so lots to think about. Finally I want to copy what I tried for learning the human flag, and prop my feet up with a resistance band to see what a supported full planche might feel like.

    This is my tuck planche off mini bars, I hadn’t watched the tutorial so next time I’ll try to bring the knees higher and Artem seemed to have his shins parallel to the ground. Annoyed I have to wait until Monday to train as this is all exciting stuff to implement.