Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    21 Oct

    Raised Plank Lean – 5 x 20 secs
    Advanced Frogstand with Toes – 15,20,15,15,15 secs
    L-Sit Hold – 20,15,15,15 secs

    23 Oct

    Narrow Pushups – 20
    Raised Plank Lean, Tucked Feet – 3 x 20 secs
    Advanced Frogstand – 4,4,4,4,5,5,9 secs (39 total)
    Hanging Knee Raises – 12,10,10,10

    Minor concern that I’ll lose some strength so I started with some narrow pushups. I stopped after 3 sets of raised lean with tucked feet as it felt roughly the same as the straight body version, so I knew I could complete the final 2 sets. I jumped straight into the advanced frogstand with no support, feeling that I can now build some balance. I failed ‘forward’ mostly, but could quickly shift my legs to catch myself and so the concerns of falling on my head during practice were unfounded.

    25 Oct

    Narrow Pushups – 15
    Supported TRX Tuck Planche – 12,20,12 secs
    Advanced Frogstand – 9,12,17,12,15,19,4,20 secs (108 total)
    TRX Tucks – 9,8,10,11

    I dusted off my TRX bands and tried to hold a tucked position with planche but the stability wasn’t there and the body position looked awful when watching footage back. I abandoned that and went for a frogstand on the parallettes, pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I’d become so soon. I’m quietly confident that I can nail 30 seconds on Monday but otherwise hope to do so within the next week. That would take me onto tuck planche and one step closer to full planche.

    The progression I’m following is Frog Stand, Advanced Frog Stand, Tuck Planche, Advanced Tuck Planche, Straddle Planche and Full Planche. The texts I read suggested being able to hold one for 30 seconds before moving on. Here’s ~20 secs of the Adv Frog Stand.