Reply To: Full Planche (Oct 2019)


    14 Oct

    Straddle Plank Lean – 10,11,14,17,13 secs
    Frog Stand – 4,7,6,7,5,10,15,12,7,15,28,8,5 secs (119 total)
    L-Sit – 5 x 20 secs

    Very scrappy frog stands, switched to the bars to accumulate some longer holds. L-sit strong.

    16 Oct

    Straddle Plank Lean – 20,18,20,18,15 secs
    Frog Stand – 7,7,5,23,14,9,16,20,7,30 secs (136 total)
    Straddle Sit – 5,12,5,5,8,12 secs

    Hard to judge how far my straddle lean should be but it feels right. I was repeating the scrappy holds of the last session until I re-watched the frog stand tutorial from School of Calisthenics and that made all the difference (note the jump from 7,7,5 second holds to 23 secs). Previously my hands were turned out too much, trying to mimic the plank lean, whereas if the fingers face forward then they can provide a force to balance me when I lean forward too much.

    Ended with a 30 second hold from the floor, meaning I can progress to the next variation.

    18 Oct

    Raised Plank Lean – 2 x 4 x 3 sec holds, 11, 14, 14 secs
    Advanced Frog Stand (still in contact with floor) – 9, 6, 15, 12 secs
    Advanced Frog Stand (no support) – 2 x 1 sec (haha)
    Raised Plank Hold – 60,50,50 secs

    I didn’t enjoy the handstand lean so I tried to mimic it by raising my feet and walking them forward for brief holds at end range. I then realised what I’m doing is the next progression after straddle plank lean, and so I did them for single long holds of 10-15 secs.

    The advanced frog stand is a whole different challenge to the normal one and I was struggling. Rather than continue doing < 1 second holds I tried to simplify it by placing my hands ~14 inches from the wall so that if I did go forward my head would rest on the wall for support. I also had a footstool so I didn't have to "pop" off my feet into position and could turn it into a gradual lean. I had to simplify it again by getting to the point where my toes were about to leave the stool and holding it there. The advances frog stand is a serious amount of tension in the arms and was quite a strength challenge for me, and even holding just prior to toes off was something I couldn't hold for long. I read online that some people believe Tuck Planche (the next progression) to be easier or equivalent, so I'm not intimidated about being so many difficulty levels away from full planche. My experience of the human flag has shown me that I can be innovative and find some sort of hold I can do for 10-15 secs that I can make more difficult week on week to always ensure I'm progressing.