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Four Day Fast-Mimicking Diet: The Results

fast mimicking diet results

The Fast-Mimicking Diet I first heard about Fast-Mimicking from Dom D’Agostino as a guest on a podcast (Ben Greenfield Fitness). He then popped up in the Tim Ferriss podcast, as did Dr Rhonda Patrick who had this to say: “When it comes to fasting there are a few things that really differentiate it from a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) ...
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What Supplements Should I Take?

what supplements should I take?

The Supplement Industry is a Multi-Billion Pound Business. Sadly, the vast majority of Supplements on the Market are useless, if not actually BAD for us. Marketers have seen the opportunity to peddle ANYTHING in pill form, because we live in a world of quick fixes and magic remedies. If you want to see a huge amount of research done on supplement ...
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Here’s How Many Calories Are Needed To Lose Fat Not Muscle

calories needed lose fat

Welcome to a 10-part series that will mirror my Youtube Strength Series. Here you will learn ALL the basics for Fat Loss and Gaining Muscle. Lesson 3 – Calories Needed To Lose Fat Not Muscle In Lesson 2 I set some guidelines for Protein, Carb, Fat and Total Calories, and set my own targets which i’ll put below: Workout Days: Protein ...
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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle – Book Review

burn fat feed muscle tom venuto

This book covers four basic principles: Nutrition, Cardio, Weight Training and Mentality. Each topic is covered well, but pitched at a very low level for someone like myself (Sports Science graduate). What this book does cover in more detail than its competitors is the macro-nutrients and strategies for eating the right foods. If you are new to counting calories and ...
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Calculating Your Macro-Nutrient Needs

calculate macro nutrient needs

Welcome to a 10-part series that will mirror my Youtube Strength Series. Here you will learn ALL the basics for Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle. Lesson 2 – Calculating Macro-Nutrient Needs If you’ve been an A+ student you’ll have a few days of calorie counting experience, which will make this lesson MUCH more fulfilling. I STRONGLY recommend you check Lesson ...
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Seven Rules For Counting Calories

counting calories nutrition lose fat gain muscle

Welcome to a 10-part series that will mirror my Youtube Strength Series. Here you will learn ALL the basics for Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle. Lesson 1 – Calorie Counting If there is one piece of advice i’d give to someone looking to lose fat it’s to count your calories. This is not a practice reserved for slightly chubby young ...
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Macros of Strength Athletes & Fitness Models

Matt Ogus Macros

For those interested in knowing the Macros (the number of grams of Protein, Carb and Fat) used by guys who have fantastic bodies, i’ll post what I find here! My personal understanding is that for a guy MY size (75kg) I would need roughly: 70-150 grams of Protein per day 65-100 grams of Fat per day (more on rest days) 200-300 grams of ...
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Bigger Leaner Stronger – Book Review

bigger leaner stronger michael matthews

If you are new to lifting weights and eating well then I cannot recommend this book highly enough. This is EXACTLY what you need to do to gain muscle. For the advanced trainers – you won’t learn much you don’t already know. However, laying it out in such a practical way might highlight a part of your regime that’s fallen off track. It has ...
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The Skinny On Obesity – 7 Part Series

skinny on obesity

In this seven part series, lasting approximately one hour, they uncover the truth about obesity and why it’s a national crisis. The Skinny On Obesity – Synopsis What are the main factors that contribute to the obesity epidemic? How can we reverse the weight gain before it lowers the average life span of the general population? Dr. Robert Lustig, the ...
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June – 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge

30 day cold shower challenge

Welcome to our Monthly Challenges Did you know you subconsciously work harder when there’s an end date to your goals? The shorter time frame keeps you actively putting effort in, particularly when it’s the end of the month. Your Goal in June is: Take A Cold Shower Every Day The Challenge It’s pretty self explanatory – make sure you take ...
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