Reply To: Bigger Arms in Six Weeks (Feb 2019)


    12 Mar

    Bench Press – 5,5,4 x 100kg
    Pullups – 7,7,6 x 10kgg
    Zottman Curls – 3 x 6 x 17.5kg
    BW Dips – 3 x 10
    Incline DB Curls – 10,9,7 x 12.5kg
    Decline Skull Crushers – 11,10,8 x 33.5kg

    I broke the table that I rested my feet on for dips so switched to body-weight. Took out non-Bi & Tri exercises because I’m very tired from these workouts.

    15 Mar

    Close Grip Bench Press – 3 x 7 x 80kg
    Reverse EZ Curl – 7,7,6 x 31kg
    Seated OH DB Extension – 12,11,10 x 22.5kg
    DB Preacher Curl – 8,9 x 13.5kg

    Again I ditched the incline press and DB rows, as well as direct forearm work.

    17 Mar

    Close Grip Bench Press – 3 x 7 x 82.5kg
    Wide EZ Curls – 3 x 8 x 36kg
    EZ Skull Crushers – 3 x 11 x 36kg
    DB Hammer Curl – 10,10,9 x 15kg
    1 Arm DB Ext – 3 x 10 x 15kg
    DB Preacher Curls – 2 x 10 x 13.5kg

    Much fresher here having reduced the volume of other work during the week. Arms are completely spent, managed to add 1/2 an inch to them and 3/8 inch to my forearms, though it’s possible after a week of rest they’ll grow more as was the case with my pullups & pushups workout. The first 4 weeks were fine but by the end I was feeling the cumulative effect of all the training and it was harder to force myself to go to the gym.