Reply To: No Weights, Big Wheels (Dec 2018)


14 Jan

Power Cleans – 3 x 3 x 75kg
Back Squat – 6,6,5,5 x 107.5kg
Hip Thrusts – 4 x 8 x 90kg
Lateral Lunges – 2 x 10 x 10kg
SL Calf Raises – 3 x 14 x 5kg

Quite annoying to make such slow progress in this session, squats feel no easier each week though hip thrusts are improving which is nice. I think once I finish and let my legs fully recover I will probably jump about 5-10kg in my squats.

17 Jan P.M.

Walking Lunges – 5 x 60, 1 x 100 (400 total)
Swiss Ball HS Curls – 14,16,15,12,9,14 (80 total)
Sissy Squats – 11,12,12,14 (49 total)

18 Jan A.M.

Walking Lunges – 2 x 25 (50 total)
Glute Raise – 12,12,13,14 (51 total)

I split this session up because it was late evening and I needed to factor in food and sleep. The morning session was a nice opportunity to film my reps, though my knees felt like they were going to explode so it was quite tough to do them. Next week is the finale, 500 reps of walking lunges.

Here’s the morning footage, which I plan to use when doing the YouTube results video.