Reply To: Custom 8 Week 2k Rowing Program (Sept 2018)


    10 Oct

    Rowing Machine – 8 x 45 on / 45 off @ 1:53.1 average
    Power Cleans – 3 x 4 x 40kg
    Front Squats – 4 x 10 x 40kg
    Pushups – 3 x 15
    Batwing Rows – 3 x 12 x 15kg
    Front Planks – 2 x 30 secs

    11 Oct

    Mobility/Maintenance courtesy of Supple Leopard (page references in brackets)

    Glute Smash and Floss (368)
    Roller Quad Smash (385)
    Couch Stretch (391)
    Posterior Chain Floss (409)
    Roller Calf Smash (425)
    Classic Calf Mobilisation (429)

    Roller calf smash was DIRTY! I cut a length of PVC pipe and placed it on my lifting platform so my foot could hang off the ground. Took about 2-3 minutes on each calf passing up and down, really painful and they felt much better a few days later.

    14 Oct

    Rowing Machine – 3 x 6 mins (2.5 mins, 3.5 mins) 1:58.8, 1:59.6, 2:00.5 pace
    Pullups – 3 x 6
    OHP – 3 x 8 x 40kg

    Legs were toast so didn’t need split squats or power cleans. Built some confidence given that 1:59 was what I held on my 2000m time trial on day 1 and I matched it twice with 2.5 mins rest between. Needed more rest between reps 2 and 3 but it’s based on your heart rate dipping below 2x resting which is a nice way of taking the guesswork out of whether you need a longer rest after a certain rep.

    15 Oct

    Rowing Machine – 2 x 15 mins (6 mins) in 2:13-2:14/500m pace.

    17 Oct

    Rowing Machine – 6 x 90 on / 90 off DF 135. Avg pace 1:53.6/500m overall

    I had an ordeal with a puncture to my car last night and it involved an hour trying to fix it myself and then waiting for the AA, meaning I got home after 3am. If I was fully rested I’d do some upper body today but right now I’m not even in the mood to try abs. Will try to do more on Friday than usual.