Reply To: Custom 8 Week 2k Rowing Program (Sept 2018)


    8 Oct


    My lower back is fine but I must have pinched something in my right shoulder as it was hard to lift my arm for the rest of Sunday and all of Monday. No chance of rowing so I skipped what was 2 x 18 mins (6 mins). It was fine the next day so from now on I should be able to complete all rowing sessions and lighter weights in the gym.

    9 Oct

    Mobility/Maintenance courtesy of Supple Leopard (page references in brackets)

    Trap Scrub (304)
    Banded Overhead Distraction (317)
    Plate Smash (298)
    Low Back Smash (351)
    Wall Smash (314)
    Blue Angel Wall Smash (325)
    Tricep Extension Smash (336)
    Classic Triceps and Lat Stretch (321)
    Bicep Stretch (not in book)
    Forearm Smash (344)
    Global Gut Smash (365)

    I did all the upper body, leaving Quads, HS, Glutes and Calves for another time. Should be doing maintenance like this every week and skipping it is the main reason why I’m now injured.