Reply To: Vert Shock (May 2018)


    9 May

    Uphill Sprints – 4 x 20m
    Uphill Squat Jumps – 3 x 15
    Clap Pushups – 2 x 10
    V-Situps – 3 x 15
    Plate Twists – 3 x 30 secs x 10kg

    Very thankful today was quite low impact. I had to walk 1/4 mile to a grassy hill near my house, it’s in the middle of a residential area and a bit weird to exercise there but I don’t care. Sprints were so nice, I did 60/100/200m at University and it was great to do something like that again. Abs were simple and the whole session was over quite quickly. Warm up and cool down are taking a lot of time but that’s what’s needed to stay on top of recovery, already looking forward to the rest day!