Reply To: Six Pack in Six Weeks (Feb 2018)


    29 Mar

    1 mile walk – 12:33 (Heart Rate 140bpm)
    Cooper Test (12 min run) – 2630m
    1 mile jog – 9:33 (Heart Rate 156bpm)

    30 Mar

    Fasted A.M. Walking – 60 mins

    31 Mar

    Hip Thrust – 110kg x 5,5,7
    OHP – 3 x 5 x 60kg
    Pull Ups – 15kg x 5,5,5
    Stomach Vacuums – 10 x 10 secs

    2 Apr

    Front Squat Tabata – 40kg (51 reps)
    Rowing Machine – 4km in 18:07

    3 Apr

    Fasted A.M. Walking 50 mins

    4 Apr

    Hex DL – 5 x 100kg, 5 x 120kg, 6 x 140kg
    Weighted Press Ups – 8 x 30kg (non-starter)
    Bench Press – 100kg x 3,3,3
    Bent Over Rows – 3 x 5 x 70kg
    Burpees – 8 x 10 (30 secs work, 52 rest)
    (10 min rest, Amino Acids & Sugar)
    Seated Crunch – 4 x 10 x 4.75kg between feet (2.5kg held to chest)
    Hanging Toes To Bar – 6, 5, 9
    Swiss Ball Crunch – 20kg x 12, 11, 10, 9
    Swiss Ball Reverse Hyper – 2 x 10

    Mixed it up this week, first day was VO2max testing for a video. Also had to miss weights as I had a high workload over the bank holiday. I haven’t really felt my abs working hard in weeks, possibly down to insufficient recovery though 3x week is meant to be fine. I added in stomach vacuums as that tends to help.

    I’m doing front squat tabata, though mid-back aches from holding the rack position. Also longer session on the rowing machine, I think it’s a slightly better fat burner than brisk walking and it’s nice to do something different. Today I also had my post workout sugars BEFORE doing abs, I figure if i’m so carb depleted after burpees that could be why I can’t get any intensity in my ab work. It made some difference.

    Food this week looks like it’ll be P140 C160 F57, bringing fat down a bit. I’ve decided to finish this experiment with a ~10 day pre-contest/pre-photoshoot carb manipulation. On the 9th i’ll ramp up protein and cut carbs and fats down, then by 13th i’ll be on minimal carbs. 14th-16th i’ll carb load and reduce water and salt intake, then see how I look. The plan is to take a picture at the end of the 10 weeks as normal around 10-11th, then make a separate video for the special cut.