Reply To: Six Pack in Six Weeks (Feb 2018)


    15 Mar

    Fasted A.M. Walking ~40 mins
    20kg Sandbag Squat x 50 – 7:04

    16 Mar

    Front Squat – 85kg x 5, 5, 5
    OHP – 60kg x 5, 5, 5
    Burpees – 7 x 8 (24 secs work, 25 rest)
    Hanging Leg Raise w Twist – 4 x 10
    V-Sit (Rugby ball transfer) – 4 x 10
    Stir The Pot – 30s, 30s, 30s

    17 Mar

    Rowing Machine – 1km in 3:39.2
    1250m at 1:59/500m pace
    250m in 50.3 secs

    19 Mar

    Front Squat – 87.5kg x 5, 5, 5
    Bench Press – 95kg x 5, 5, 5
    L-Sit Hold – 4 x 15 secs
    Suitcase DL Hold – 25kg x 30 secs, 35kg x 30 secs, 30 secs

    20 Mar

    Fasted A.M. Walking ~35 mins
    150 Jump Squats in 6:58

    21 Mar

    Bleep Test – Level 9 Shuttle 11
    TRX Inverted Row – 3 x 10
    Leg Raise – 3 x 10

    Assembled a new piece of gym equipment on the 19th which took hours, meaning I had no enthusiasm for abs or burpees. Woke up today (21st) with a tender lower back so I moved conditioning a day early and finished up with some back exercises and a bit of abs. I’m doing pressing, deadlifts and heavy front squats, alongside lots of burpees so it’s no surprise my back is playing up. Next gym session i’ll start pairing push-pull, so pull ups on OHP day and bent over rows or TRX rows on bench day.

    Roughly the same macro’s this week, still getting vegetables in but relying on bread too much. Have been tracking my weight and decided to plot it today. Pleasantly surprised by the slope as I feel like i’ve stalled a bit. The first three weeks I didn’t focus on dropping calories, it was all about doing ab training 4x/week. Weeks 4-10 are going to be 1800kcals and if I need a boost i’ll up my training or do more fasted walking.

    Effectively down 0.5kg/week since my calorie deficit.