Reply To: Six Pack in Six Weeks (Feb 2018)


    1 Mar

    Fasted A.M. Walking ~35 mins
    Jump Squats – 150 in 8:40

    2 Mar

    Front Squat – 80kg x 5, 5, 9
    OHP – 3 x 5 x 57.5kg
    Burpees – 5 x 10 (30 secs work, 50 rest)
    Hanging Leg Raise w Twist – 4 x 10
    TRX Tucks – 3 x 10
    Long Plank – 3 x 30 secs

    3 Mar

    Rowing Machine – 3 x 500m (2 mins), 500m ~1:51, ~1:51, ~1:51, ~1:53

    5 Mar

    Front Squat – 82.5kg x 5, 5, 8
    Bench Press – 92.5kg x 5, 5, 8
    Burpees – 6 x 11 (33 secs work, 60 secs rest)
    L-Sit ISO – 4 x 15 secs
    TRX Tucks – 4 x 10
    Hollow Rock – 3 x 30 secs
    Vacuums – 4 x 10 secs

    6 Mar

    Fasted Walking ~35 mins
    (10 mountain climber, 1 burpee) x 25 in 7:40

    7 Mar

    Hex DL – 5 x 100kg, 5 x 120kg, 7 x 132.5kg
    OHP – 57.5kg x 5,5,6
    Burpees – 6 x 11 (33 secs work, 57 secs rest)
    Dbl Leg Crunch – 4 x 12 x 3.5kg
    Ab Wheel – 3 x 6
    Res. Band Pallof Press – 3 x 10

    Much better week, this feels like how you burn fat. The weights sessions are over in a second but still challenging, and adding in burpees feels like the right thing to do. The ab workouts have increased in intensity now that i’m allowing a day recovery, I know they heal quickly but I feel the exercise working more with this setup.

    Nutrition was P138 C154 F76 Cals 1850 on average over this week. Need to be careful not to drop protein much more and i’ll shoot for P150 next week and drop the carbs further. No idea how keto followers manage so much fat when 80g/day is an effort to me. I think multiple avocado feedings a week and lots of salmon will help as i’m relying too much on peanut butter and eggs.

    I think Brad Pitt in Fight Club is a physique that’s not a realistic target for the average guy but one they visualise achieving one day. Reading up on it he went from 168 lbs to 155 lbs (76.5kg to 70.5kg) and he’s taller than me. I’m sitting around 72kg at the end of this week and if I held onto my muscle then I could drop down to 69-70kg and look quite good. If we said 2kg then I could lose 0.7kg/week and finish this project at the end of the month. I’ve purposefully dropped calories at a slow rate so it doesn’t feel like a diet, which is a strategy I picked up from the book Mindless Eating. Rather than go much lower than 1800kcal/day I can make an effort to up my activity level, perhaps getting off a stop early on the tube and walking or using my standing desk more.