Reply To: Full Summer Sprint Program (Mar 2023)


    Comp 10

    25 Aug

    The Speed Code – Week 9 Day 6 (core/mobility)

    Core sets (9), Mobility sets (9)

    26 Aug

    Drills – A Skip, A Run, B Skip, B Run 2 x 20m
    Drills – Dribble ACK, SL w runout 2 x 20m
    Build ups – 2 x 40m
    Grass Tempo – 10 x 100m

    Drills (440m), Tempo (1000m)

    28 Aug – Race Day

    100m – 12.16 (-0.4 m/s wind)

    Drills (320m), Tempo (300m), Accel (90m), Max Vel (90m)

    This was not good. I forgot that I’d shortened the warm up so I was fully ready to race about 40 minutes too early. I did some extra runs, 30m in 4.40 and 4.37, a flying 20m in 2.19, and then I forgot a final part of my warm up which I feel takes 0.05 secs off my 100m time.

    Race execution was poor but no more than I deserved given how casual I’ve been about this one. I got completely thrown off when someone who was slower than me on paper got out ahead of me (he didn’t even have blocks). I forgot my top speed cue but considering that I felt okay, usually I’ve built up a lead to 40m from my strong acceleration phase.

    I think this was my first headwind so if you take previous races and correct for wind then all three were 12.0* while this would be 12.13, and considering the poor warm up and execution that’s actually fair.

    Ultimately this season was just too long for me and by running sub-12 I’d already got everything I wanted from it. I’ve had an eye on next season since then and can finally look forward to ~4 weeks of light or no exercise. I also felt my taper could have been even longer, my legs are probably another 5 or 6 days away from peak freshness. Next season awaits.