Reply To: Full Summer Sprint Program (Mar 2023)


    SPP 9

    2 Jun

    Drills – A Skip, Run A, B Skip, Run B 2 x 20m
    Bike Tempo – 111,313,313,111 lvl 7, 160W

    3 Jun

    MB Throws – 4 x 3
    MB Throws – 2 x 3
    Broad Jump 250cm
    Blocks – 10,20,30,40m
    80,100,120m in 9.82, 12.26, 14.35 (+5 m/s wind)
    Bench Press – 8 x 75, 5 x 85, 3 x 90, 3 x 1 x 102.5, 5 x 87.5kg

    The wind continues to be insane. I didn’t transition well in the second run and should have really landed around 12.10 based on the other two times. My quads were aching during the acceleration phase and I feel quite tired. I don’t know if doing bike tempo all the time is hitting my quads too much, it could be I try to mix it up on Sundays.

    4 Jun

    Drills – A-Skip, A-Run, B-Skip, B-Run 2 x 20m
    Drills – Ankle, Calf, Knee dribble, SL scissor 2 x 20m
    2 x 40m build ups
    Tempo – 8 x 100m with stretching between reps
    Massage Gun – 90 secs on calves

    This is my standard session before a meet but I cut the tempo short as I’d already been quite active earlier in the day.

    6 Jun – Race Day

    Tonbridge AC Open Meeting – 100m

    12.01 (+0.6 m/s wind)

    Having got there early I then dawdled and didn’t start my warm up on time, leaving me a little rushed. It was also crowded on the back straight so I was having to wait longer between each warm up run.

    I timed myself for 30m at 4.40 and a flying 30m in 3.39, both slower than my County Champs in May. In that race I stumbled out the blocks to a wind assisted 11.95 and here I had a near perfect race execution. I reacted well and was in front to 30 metres, but lost ground at top speed and ended up last. I don’t care about the position, given I felt average during the warm up I’m really pleased with the time and hope to build on it this summer.

    My race was uploaded to YouTube so you can see it below, I’m in lane 5 in the blue vest