Reply To: Full Summer Sprint Program (Mar 2023)


    SPP 6

    13 May – Race Day

    County Champs – 100m Final

    11.95 secs (+2.3 m/s wind)

    The wind in other finals was +4 m/s which is probably closer to the truth. I felt good in the warm up, running a 30m hand timed in 4.33 secs and a flying 20m in 2.13 secs.

    I got a little excited when I realised that three of the four guys who are faster than me on paper hadn’t turned up and I could actually win this. The blocks were really worn and in the first few strides I stumbled and put my right foot way in front of where it should be, effectively braking my acceleration. Despite that I recovered well and maintained a metre lead on the guy on my shoulder (who’s in his 50’s as this was a Veterans race) to come through in first. I have a gold medal but it feels a bit silly with so few of us racing (four in total, all in different age brackets).

    Given how little top speed work I’ve done this season I’m expecting to run a wind legal sub 12 at some point this summer if I can stay injury free.

    15 May

    MB Throws – 4 x 3
    Accels – 2 x 30m in 4.37, 4.46 (huge tailwind, like a +6 m/s)
    70m (40m IL) in 8.93

    My right quad was bothering me, I was initially going to skip this session but felt good that morning so planned to do half of it. In hindsight it was better off as a rest day because now I’ll need to skip the Wednesday session on the 17th.

    16 May

    The Speed Code – Week 1 Day 2 (Core/Mobility)

    I had a nice chat with someone at the track the previous day, coincidentally one of those who didn’t turn up to the County Champs. He’s 49 and recommended I drop to 2 true speed sessions a week and a third at 90-95% if necessary. It aligns with what I’ve felt I should do, given my times during winter were usually so poor for 1 of the 3 sessions each week that I was unlikely to be going fast enough to improve.

    I’ve done Vert Code Elite and really rate the programming from Paul Fabritz and PJF Performance so I purchased The Speed Code. I’m not in a position to drop what I’m doing and follow all of it but I’ll weave as much as I can into my training, starting with core and mobility.

    17 May

    The Speed Code – Week 1 Day 1 (Warm up, Decels, Drills, Plyos)
    BB Step Ups – 3 x 6 x 60kg
    BB RLESS – 3 x 6 x 67.5kg
    Swiss Ball Reverse Hyper – 3 x 8
    RDL – 3 x 6 x 85kg
    Rotator Cuff – 3 x 8

    I did most of the speed code Lower Body day but substituted in my own weights program. I feel aches in muscles that have been dormant forever which is exactly what I hoped for in his programming. Looking ahead to next week I’ll probably do the three core/mobility sessions and maybe his warm up on one of the speed days. If I’m keeping three speed sessions I’ll also shift the volume around so I do more sprints when I’m running fast times.

    18 May

    The Speed Code – Week 1 Day 4 (Core/Mobility)

    I smashed this out at 6.30am before going to the office. It means I can pull mobility out of tomorrow’s conditioning session.